10 GloCity Event will be hosting a day of family fun and delicious local food on June 4 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The first annual Taste the Fayettenam event will take place on King’s Field in Fayetteville. It will serve as an opportunity for local food vendors to speak to the people of the community through their food.

“We created this event because we want to help local food vendors and food trucks around here become more well-known,” said Genevieve Hyman, owner of GloCity Event.

“The nickname Fayettenam has so much flavor, and there are so many opportunities for good food right here. Instead of people chasing down trucks all over the city, we wanted to bring them together in one place. We want these vendors to let their food be their voice.”

GloCity Event was established around two years ago. Since then, their chief objective has been to “provide events and activities for the community to do outside of the home.”

Tired of hearing complaints about the lack of activities in Fayetteville, Hyman wanted to create a business that filled an entertainment void for the people of her community.

“We started with sip and paint events and it kind of exploded from there,” Hyman explained. “At the end of our events, we have a suggestion box to get ideas from the community on the types of events they’d like to have here. “

From those suggestions sprang the idea for Taste the Fayettenam.

The family-friendly event will feature between 10 to 15 food trucks and games, live music, bounce houses and face painting. Hyman hopes the event serves as an opportunity for local and small businesses to get their deserved exposure.

“We’re all trying to uplift our small businesses and feed our families,” Hyman told Up & Coming Weekly. “Events like this keep revenue circling in our community.”

Through Taste the Fayettenam, Hyman hopes to show people just how much the city has to offer.

“We want to end the idea that there’s nothing to do here. Fayetteville is growing every single day; we don’t have to go outside the city to have fun,” she said.

Hyman loves creating memorable events for the people of Fayetteville and their families; she admits the message is bigger than simply having a good time, and a lot goes on behind the scenes to make events like Taste of Fayettenam possible while also keeping them free.

“We are also raising money through donations to continue giving back to the community,” Hyman said.

“In partnership with the Love Laugh Leyai Foundation, we give out free Thanksgiving turkeys and offer free lunches and meals at the local recreation centers. We come to the table and think of ways to keep funding within our community. Especially amid this inflation, we find ways to help families who need it.”

Ultimately, Hyman hopes people come out and enjoy the day and the delicious food on offer.

“We’ll be out there supporting food trucks, trying to give them a day to be celebrated and rewarded for all their hard work.”
King Field is located at 127 S. King St. in Fayetteville.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/glocityevent.