14b Beethoven and beer may seem an unlikely pairing, but the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra makes it work as they gear up for a new season with a kick-off party at Gaston Taproom on Aug. 19 at 7 p.m.
The free, family-friendly “mini-concert” will last about 90 minutes and feature food trucks, lots of seating and some of the FSO’s most talented musicians.
The orchestra’s String Quartet, comprised of concertmaster Fabián López and several principal players, will perform a variety of music for people in attendance. While classical pieces are to be expected, be prepared for some popular, recognizable tunes as well.

The kick-off at Gaston’s Taproom is a part of the orchestra’s Symphony on Tap Program, which launched last year. The popular concert series allows the orchestra to set up shop in casual settings around Fayetteville and bring beautiful music to the people of the community free of charge.

“Our string quartet is a really great group of musicians,” Anna Meyer, the FSO’s interim director, told Up & Coming Weekly. “This event will be a good time to share about our upcoming season and just enjoy great music and beer — you can’t go wrong there,” she joked.

The FSO’s Jazz Quartet, another talented ensemble, will make an appearance at Bright Light Brewing Co. on Sunday, Aug. 28.
The 2022-2023 season will showcase the enormous talent of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra through several ticketed events as well as community concerts that are free to attend.

Also set to return this season is the wildly popular Symphony Movie Night at Dirtbag Ales. The mash-up of live orchestral music against the spooky backdrop of 1920s silent-film classic "Nosferatu" proved to be a winning combination with audiences, and those who missed it last year can check it out on Saturday, Oct. 22.

The FSO is also planning to include more church venues this upcoming season, about which Meyer is particularly excited.

“I’m looking forward to playing at different churches around town,” she shared. “We really enjoyed that last season and decided to broaden our horizons this year. We get to reach a lot of people, and it allows us to play in some beautiful venues.”

A staple of the community for over 65 years, the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra has undergone many changes. Still, their commitment to musical excellence and attitude of service shines through with initiatives like Symphony Movie Night, Symphony on Tap and their free community concerts throughout the season. The orchestra takes pride in maintaining a relationship with the community that strives to “meet them where they are” and delivers on its promise to “educate, entertain, and inspire the citizens of Fayetteville.”

In addition to a packed performance season, the FSO is passionate about the arts regarding Cumberland County’s youth. By developing the Fayetteville Symphony Youth Orchestra, String Sinfonietta, and various summer camps, the FSO is invested in creating beautiful music and talented musicians for generations to come.

Gaston Taproom is located at 421 Chicago Drive in Fayetteville.

For more information about the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and its upcoming season, visit www.fayettevillesymphony.org/.