15Dwayne AllenWho’s going to win Super Bowl LII? Here’s how the Cumberland County Schools senior high school football coaches see the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the defending champion New England Patriots going.

Bill Sochovka, Pine Forest – “I will be supporting the Eagles. I was very impressed with how the defense played against the Vikings, and I have a nephew who works for the Eagles. Have to support the family.’’

Mike Paroli, Douglas Byrd – “I think New England will win. But I will be pulling for the Eagles.’’

Craig Raye, Westover – “Philly over New England. They’re playing good defense.’’

Deron Donald, E.E. Smith – “I really don’t have a pick for this game. It should be competitive, but I’m not a fan of either team.’’

Rodney Brewington, South View - “My selection is the Philadelphia Eagles. They are playing the best defense, and they are able to manufacture first downs.’’

Jake Thomas, Cape Fear – “Although their conference championship performances make me want to pick the Eagles, I don’t think Nick Foles (Eagles quarterback) can come up with backto- back best career performances on this stage. Also, my gut tells me never bet against (Tom) Brady/(Bill) Belichick. When it matters the most, they both have Jedi mind powers. Patriots.’’

Bruce McClelland, Terry Sanford – “New England 28, Philadelphia 17. Dwayne Allen, former Terry Sanford Bulldog standout, gets a ring and a touchdown in this matchup. (Allen is a backup tight end for the Patriots.) Allen helps Brady get yet another ring.’’

Brian Randolph, Jack Britt – “Patriots win by 13. The Patriots are a quality football team that plays well in every phase of the game. They are very wellcoached and always force the opposing team to play ‘left-handed’. I am just hoping for a competitive game.’’

David Lovette, Gray’s Creek – “The New England Patriots will probably win. Brady and Belichick are a great quarterback/coach combo. And to paraphrase Ric Flair, whether you like it or not, you better learn to live with the Patriots because they are the best thing going today.’’

Duran McLaurin, Seventy-First – “I’m going with the Eagles. All that know me know that I’m a big Eagles fan. I just think this is the year. With all the injuries to key players, they’ve managed to continue to gel. Hopefully they’ve saved the best for last.’’

Photo: Terry Sanford graduate Dwayne Allen with the Lamar Hunt trophy after he and the New England Patriots won the AFC championship Sunday.

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