Now that we’re seven weeks into the high school football season with five left in the regular season, here is how things stack up according to the statewide football rankings.
We’ll start with the rankings for all classes, public and private, in North Carolina.
The top Fayetteville school is Jack Britt, which comes in at No. 24. Next is Trinity Christian at No. 44.
South View is No. 57 with Terry Sanford No. 63. Seventy-First is No. 81, Cape Fear No. 85. 
Gray’s Creek is No. 156, E.E. Smith No. 161 and Pine Forest No. 196.
Completing the list are Westover at No. 248 and Douglas Byrd at 284.
Fayetteville Christian, which plays eight-man football, is ranked only in North Carolina, and is No. 7 among the 8-man teams.
Moving to the specific rankings for classifications, among 4-A schools, Jack Britt is No. 15, South View No. 24, Seventy-First No. 31 and Pine Forest No. 63.
Among the 3-A schools, Terry Sanford is No. 23, Cape Fear No. 31, Gray’s Creek No. 54, E.E. Smith No. 56, Westover No. 83 and Douglas Byrd No. 94.
In the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association Class II 11-man rankings, Trinity Christian is No. 1 in the state.
While I respect the work of those who try to forecast who’s going to be in or out of the playoffs, there are too many directions things could go at this point for me to try and make that projection.
We’ll have the answer for sure when the state playoff brackets are announced the second Saturday in November.
The record: 40-14
I was 5-2 for the week, putting the season total to 40-14, 74.1 percent.
Douglas Byrd at Cape Fear - Cape Fear finally has a winning streak going and is looking to make it three in a row this week. 
Cape Fear 28, Douglas Byrd 7.
Westover at E.E. Smith - The Golden Bulls continue their rebound from a rough start to the season.
E.E. Smith 21, Westover 14. 
Gray’s Creek at Terry Sanford - This is a dangerous game for the Bulldogs, who control their own fate in the Patriot Athletic Conference but have played inconsistently in recent games. Gray’s Creek has also had its share of problems, but the Bears are a potent offensive team and the Bulldogs need to take them seriously.
Terry Sanford 28, Gray’s Creek 14. 
Richmond Senior at Jack Britt - I’d love to keep drinking the Kool-Aid with the Buccaneers this week, but Richmond looks like one of the best teams in the state this season.
Richmond Senior 32, Jack Britt 18.
South View at Pine Forest - Despite a rugged start, Pine Forest still can control its fate in the Patriot Athletic Conference. But in order to maintain that control, a win against South View is a must this week. I’m not sure the Trojans can make that happen. 
South View 29, Pine Forest 12.
Lumberton at Seventy-First - I think the Falcons will snap their surprising three-game slide this week.
Seventy-First 35, Lumberton 8.
Other games: Trinity Christian 30, North Raleigh Christian 8; St. David’s 30, Fayetteville Christian 12.

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