Hope Mills commissionersAfter ending their arrangement to have Hope Mills Board of Commissioners meetings aired by the city of Fayetteville’s television channel, the commissioners have returned to the air on the Fayetteville- Cumberland County Educational TV channel. 

Sally Shutt, assistant county manager for Cumberland County, first mentioned the idea to Hope Mills town manager Melissa Adams a few months ago. 

Hope Mills had ended its arrangement with the city of Fayetteville after the board of commissioners discontinued a trial agreement with Fayetteville to broadcast the meetings. Had the arrangement continued, Hope Mills was going to have to pay to have its meetings broadcast. 

Shutt said Cumberland County has a partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College, which operates the FCETV channel, Channel 5 on Spectrum Cable TV. 

   The FCETV channel airs the meetings of the Cumberland County commissioners. Shutt said she reached out to Brent Michaels of FTCC and asked if they would be willing to air the Hope Mills commissioners meetings as well. She said Michaels agreed. 

   “They (Hope Mills) are filming their own meetings and putting them on their YouTube channel,’’ Shutt said. 

   Shutt said any local municipality that films its own meetings is welcome to pursue having them aired on the FCETV channel. 

   Hope Mills will record its meetings on a digital file and upload the file for broadcast on the FCETV channel. 

   At a recent meeting, the Hope Mills Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to have board meetings air on the FCETV channel at 9 p.m. on Friday evenings. 

   To check the complete schedule of programs being aired on FCETV, visit the channel’s website at FCETV.org. 

   Most of the current programming is education-related, along with some government and county news broadcasts. 

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