05 V2 cartoon ballot donkey elephantIn D.G. Martin's Nov. 18 article “Waking up as a Republican” we once again see that the far left “Intelligentsia” is one of the primary sources of both the animus and the divisiveness that is so prevalent in our country today.

It is obvious that Martin's arrogance has led him to base his judgments on either the latest slogans being shouted in the street or a willful involvement in misrepresenting those who do not agree with the socialist approach to our problems.

The founders of this country had the attention span and classic training to think deep thoughts and make great plans; something sadly missing today. They knew that government was a cruel and dangerous task master. They wanted to guard against its over reach and the resulting tyrant of a ruling class. Take a look around you and determine for yourself, have we maintained the wisdom they passed on to us?

One of the founding principles is the freedom to strive to be all you can be, devoid of any interference by government. It is a system that rewards preparation, hard work, calculated risk taking, grasping opportunities that present themselves and a positive attitude toward yourself and life in general.

It also has an element of competition and as any sports coach will tell you, competition makes the team better.

This is why we were the greatest economic engine in the world. The move to replace this element of our national personality and replace it with an overdeveloped sense of “everybody-gets-a-trophy fairness” is why we have shipped our productivity offshore to the lowest bidder so that we can have more cheap stuff. It is why China is in the process of replacing us as the premier superpower.

Lots of people of all ethnicities and economic circumstances are waking up to the fact that the “Nanny State” does not guarantee success in life. It doesn't even guarantee “fairness.”

What it does guarantee is that you will be held at the point that you remain dependent on the government. If we reject this tyranny by the ruling class and adhere to the rule of law then we will have true fairness. At this point if you are white, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or whatever – WHO CARES! Show me what you’ve got. What do you bring to the game?

Is this all there is to it? Of course not, but it is the foundation. Will we not need any regulations, oversight or negative consequences for gaming the system? Of course we will, but every law, regulation or consequence should increase freedom not reduce it. Are there those who we have a moral obligation to help. Definitively yes and that is another discussion.

So how about it. Do you have the guts to compete? Are you curious about what you can accomplish if no one is standing in your way? Can you try, fail and try again until you succeed? Do you believe that the people who wrote our founding documents were smart, visionary individuals? If your answers are yes, then maybe you should wake up and realize you are a Republican.