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Gallery 208 Presents Vantage Point: The Paintings of Daniel Reeves PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Soni Martin   
Tuesday, 03 May 2016

Artist Daniel Reeves is inspired by and appreciates the “nature and the patterns of organic beauty.” His high skill level in painting is evident. The paintings in his exhibit at Gallery 208, Vantage Point: the Paintings of Daniel Reeves, speak more to what the artist excludes in his artist statement — an experience of entertaining possibilities! 

The artist is modest. He stated, “I was born and raised in the foothills of rural North Carolina. I believe beauty and inspiration can be found in any scene. I appreciate the patterns and organic beauty found in the natural settings I explored as a kid and feel the same connection with manmade objects such as buildings or an old rusting piece of metal. I also noticed this interest as a child when watching my dad take an engine apart … the precision and shapes of the engine’s interior where inspiring.” 

What Reeves does not say about his work is what the theorist John Dewey clearly refers to in his writing about aesthetics and can be said of Reeves’ painting. “Art is an aesthetic quality that rounds out an experience into completeness and unity as emotional … emotions that do not necessarily reference joy or hope or fear … emotions are qualities, when significant, of a complex experience that moves and changes.” 

Reeves’ work moves us with his wonderful sense of humor. In the painting titled “A Loving Family,” a young child happily rides a Texas Longhorn bull in a barren landscape of yellow ochre and cadmium yellow next to a joyful elephant — her little dog follows along! Joyfulness exudes from his well-crafted control of pigment, skill level and what the painting symbolizes. 

Whether investigating a more abstract image or the distinctly representational, paintings by Reeves unify the relationship of making with an aesthetic experience that we can enjoy. “A Loving Family,” like other works, is an expression of a feeling, a symptom of the artist’s state of mind. 

In all of his paintings Reeves has a system of symbols to convey the concept of play — always taking the time needed to develop his imagery and paint details. In the large painting titled Beautiful Demention the artist is depicting a night scene deep in a forest. Fanciful, curious creatures and loving animals surround the child by firelight to evoke a special place of safety and discovery. 

In several of the paintings in the exhibit, Reeves is less narrative and becomes even more symbolic through abstraction. In the painting titled “Needle in a Haystack,” the artist has painted a close-up of a seashell on the shore surrounded by the texture of broken shells. Visitors to the gallery will readily see how the title of the work reflects the artist’s sense of humor. 

Inspired by the realistic forms of Caravaggio, Gustave Courbet and Edward Hopper, Reeves stated he has also been inspired by “the color and fantastic imagination of 20th century science fiction art.” 

His knowledge of art history, love of the arts and skill level are shared every day with his students at Bell Hefner Element School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

In his customary positive manner Reeves shared the following: “Teaching art has been rewarding. My students’ ideas surprise and impress me. They remind me there is an infinite number of possibilities when creating an artwork.” (It is not surprising he was awarded Teacher of the Year at Bill Hefner Elementary for the 2014-2015 school year.)

Reeves earned an Associate Degree in Art from Wilkes Community College, a Bachelor of Fine Art from East Carolina University, and a Master’s Degree in Art Education from UNC Pembroke. 

Not only an art teacher, but also an exhibiting artist, Reeves was recently awarded 3rd place at the Arts Council of Fayetteville recent competition titled Once Upon A Time: Fairy Tales, Fables and Myths. He participated in the Cumberland County Art Teachers 3rd Annual Juried Competition at the Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2016. 

His exhibitions include, but are not limited to the KD Morris Art Gallery group invitational in Holden Beach, North Carolina and The Paul Hartley Legacy Exhibition in Lee Hansley Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gallery 208 invites the public to attend the reception for Vantage Point: the Paintings of Daniel Reeves on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 between 5:30 - 7 p.m. The artist will talk about his work at 6 p.m. The exhibition and artist receptions at Gallery 208 are free to the public. 

Vantage Point: the Paintings of Daniel Reeves will remain up at Gallery 208 until late June 2016. Located at Up and Coming Weekly, 208 Rowan Street, the gallery hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For information call 484-6200.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 May 2016 )
Harley's with a Heart: Legend's Pub Spring Fling PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Stephanie Crider   
Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Holly Whitley owns Legend’s Pub, but she’s the first to admit that it does not belong only to her. It’s her friends and the pub family that make this watering hole a sanctuary for so many. The Gypsy Women are a big part of that family. Their history together runs long and deep. With a shared connection to the military, they came to Fayetteville as soldiers’ wives and daughters and never left. The Gypsy Women are known for their generosity and joie de vivre. This band of sisters has faced many struggles and shared countless losses and triumphs, but they’ve done it together. They know that life is short. They know what it means to take care of their own and they have a passion for making a difference in the community they call home. That is just what they do. 

The Gypsy Women have a magical combination of strength and tenderness that has touched many in the community these past 20 years. They’ve raised money to help pay for medical treatments due to injuries and illnesses and helped families struggling to pay bills after suffering staggering losses. If there is anything this group of women understands it’s that life is short and we can all make a difference. For two decades now, Legend’s Pub Owner Holly Whitley and the Gypsy Women have hosted a Spring Fling. It’s a weekend-long celebration of the friendship, tenacity, kindness and generosity that thrive at Legend’s Pub. And just like every day at Legend’s, everyone is welcomed with open arms and open hearts. This year the Spring Fling runs May 6-8. 

The event benefits Stan Stewart, a longtime Legend’s Pub patron. Stan recently sustained injuries in a crash. “Stan is such a friend to us. He’s supported so many of our events. Whenever we asked for a hand with anything, Stan was right there,” said Whitley. “Now that he needs our help, we want to be there for him. There is something that just feels right about helping one of your own and we are glad to do this for him.” 

Planning three days of fun is a tall order, but Whitley and her crew have it down to a science, and in the end it comes down to the generosity of the many volunteers at Legend’s when It’s time to get things done. “There are a few of us who get the ball rolling, but when it is time to put things together, there is no shortage of people willing to help,” she said. “I can’t tell you how many times I hear ‘What can I do to help?’ and that is such a wonderful feeling. From my daughter Christy, who has been by my side helping me for many years to Priscilla and Nancy and so many others. I can’t even tell you how many wonderful people have stepped up to help over the years.”

The fun starts on Friday night with a pre-party and pool tournament. The tournament starts at 8:30 p.m. Saturday’s activities kick off with the Stan Stewart Poker Run. It’s kickstands up at noon for a fun-filled afternoon of riding with the last bike in by 5 p.m. for the auction, raffles and dinner. “We are going to raffle off a Harley T-shirt quilt and a few other fun items,” said Whitley. “The auction is always a lot of fun, too. We have one friend of Stan who made and donated a cigar box three-string electric guitar for the auction. I’ve got some motorcycle paintings too. We are still taking items for auction. Donating to an auction that helps someone is the best way to regift items that may not suit you.”

On Sunday, don’t miss the bike show and cook out. “Because this coincides with Mother’s Day, we are also doing a Mother’s Day Giveaway on Sunday,” said Whitley. 

In 20 years of hosting Spring Fling events, Whitley has never kept a tally of the money she’s raised. For her the joy is in knowing that all the hard work she and the other volunteers have put in have made a difference for people in the community. “I don’t know what we have raised over the years, but I can tell you that the last two years, we brought in more than $50,000 at each event and that feels good because all of it stays in the community,” she said. “We don’t give to large organizations. We give to local nonprofits and families. That is where our heart is.”

Last year’s Spring Fling raised money for hyberbaric treatment for veterans. The year before that it was literacy and education that benefitted from the event. 

The Spring Fling is just one of five or six runs that Legend’s hosts each year. “We do some other smaller fundraisers throughout the year,” said Whitley. “But we have a lot of fun, too. Our friends and patrons are always there for us. Every time we ask, they are there to support us so it is important to give back to them, too. We have things like Valentine’s Day events and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. My kids, Christy and J.D.  have celebrated the last 19 Thanksgivings at Legend’s. We set out a long table and serve turkeys and hams and everyone brings their favorite side dish to share. It’s nice to be able to celebrate like that with friends.”

You don’t have to ride to come and enjoy the Spring Fling festivities and make new friends in the process. There is no such thing as a stranger here, and many are lucky enough to join our ever-growing family. The welcoming smiles, cold refreshments and easy camaraderie make for easy conversation and life-long friendships. Call 864-2364 for more information

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 April 2016 )
Spring Dogwood Festival Opens with Headliner Chris Janson PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Janice Burton   
Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Just like spring, the Fort Bragg Fair returns to the area from April 28 until May 15. This annual family-friendly event is constantly growing in both attendance and attractions. According to Rhett Stroupe, the special events coordinator, there is expected to be more than 40,000 fair-goers. There are also three new rides, “the Magic Maze, it is a glass house walk through, and two kiddie rides, The Farm Tractors and the Happy Puppies,” Stoupe said.

In addition to these three new rides, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities at the fair. There is something of interest for everyone and more than enough fun activities to offer days of fairground fun. 

“The fair will have over 30 adult and kiddie carnival rides, midway games as well as food and live entertainment Thursday through Sunday. “Fairgoers will have easy access to the Fairgrounds off Bragg Boulevard at Howell Sreet and Gruber Road,” Stroupe added. 

One of the most poplar aspects of the annual Fort Bragg Fair is live entertainment. There will be a variety of bands and shows such as Rime Tyme, Zack Stone, Jeremiah Jones, Phaze, Freeway and Islandtime Band. According to Stroupe, the real can’t-miss performance is Kachunga and the Alligator Show. This show began in 1982 as a way to increase public awareness and education regarding these misunderstood and native reptiles. It’s success and popularity has turned into one of the most popular performances at fairs and festivals in the United States and Canada. There are even a total of five touring units. Kachunga is an American bushman from the swamps of Florida who has the power and knowledge to handle the ferocious alligators. The danger is great and the excitement is palpable. Despite all of the excitement, the shows are completely safe for the audience and for the alligators. The primary goal is education. All of the performers are highly knowledgeable and trained and the alligators are treated with respect. 

Organizing the fair every year takes a lot of hard work, but for Stroupe the smiles and joy that the end results generate more than makes up for it. At its core that is what the Fort Bragg Fair is about. It is about creating a fun and safe environment for the community to come and enjoy the warm weather and each other. It is family friendly and has a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. 

For those new to the Fort Bragg Fair, Stroupe has the following advice, “Take advantage of the Customer Appreciation Specials, Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m., for the low price of $7 per person.  As a result of the rock bottom price, many fairgoers come back to the fair multiple times to take advantage of the special.” General admission on weekends, the most popular days is $17. While this includes unlimited rides and entertainment, it can add up. The fair has a large number of specials and discounts for groups like military, children and seniors. Going to the fair is an incredible adventure for the whole family and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Visit http://bragg.armymwr.com/us/bragg/ft-bragg-events/fort-bragg-fair?eID=386293 to find a complete list of prices. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 April 2016 )
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