heritageCharles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol ends with Scrooge turning over a new leaf and the promise of a bright future for everyone. Is that what happened though? Find out on Nov. 18-20 at Heritage Square’s production of A Christmas Carol Revisited: What Ever Happened to Tiny Tim? It’s an interactive experience, so don’t plan on sitting through this night of entertainment that showcases the basement of the Sandford House, the Heritage Square properties and more.

Dr. Gail Morfesis wrote the piece as part of a bigger event that brings Victorian-era traditions and holiday fun to modern-day Fayetteville. The cast is made up of some of local actors who have been seen in shows throughout the area as well as in New York. The actors include: John Doerner, Gary Clayton, Carrie Carroll, Stanley Seay, Terry Levitt and Jane Moran. 

Gary Clayton plays Bob Cratchit. He opens the staged portion of the production. “Bob Cratchit comes from around the corner and greets his friends (the audience) and takes them into the cellar. It is 20 years or so after A Christmas Carol. Scrooge did, in fact, become a better man and a benefactor of the family and he is older, frail and a little bit senile.  So, Bob comes by every evening to check on his friend,” said Clayton. “Scrooge lapses and thinks Bob still works for him and we go into a scene. It is cool how it blends the old in the new.” 

John Doerner is Scrooge. It’s a role he’s played before. “I’ve done Scrooge in a couple incarnations. I’ve done three different Christmas Carol productions. This is a condensed scene that incorporates some of the highlights of the full production,” he said. “He is one of my favorite characters. I see a lot of actors do Scrooge and they get the angry Scrooge correct but they don’t get the other side. Or they get the kind Scrooge but not the angry side. It is a real challenge to make both sides work; to make you dislike someone and then like them.”

After visiting Scrooge, guests get to see the Cratchit home. “They will see the house decorated for Christmas, we play a Victorian word game and sing carols,” said Morfesis.  “The whole time we have live music outside. There will be a performance by a local men’s acapella group. We have a gal coming with ancient wooden recorders to play period music on the grounds. People are invited to listen to music and have some dessert and cider. We will also have the Cratchit family in the home and we talk to them about Dickens and Scrooge and the family. It is really nice.”

Proceeds from this event benefit Heritage Square. Heritage Square is made up of three historic properties: The Sandford House, the  Oval Ballrool and the  Baker-Haigh-Nimocks House. Find out more about Heritage Square at http://www.heritagesquarefay.org.  Admission to A Christmas Carol Revisted is $10. Call 483-6009 for more information.

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