Election Poll Sites

Cross Creek 01 (CC01) Fayetteville Fire Station #1 at 607 Person Street
Cross Creek 02 (G1A) Greater Works Deliverance Temple 315 S Plymouth Street
Cross Creek 03 (CC03) Alger B. Wilkins High School 1429 Skibo Road
Cross Creek 04 (CC04) Lion's Civic Center (upper level) 725 W Rowan Street
Cross Creek 06 (CC06) Margaret Willis Elementary School 1412 Belvedere Avenue
Cross Creek 07 (CC07) Snyder Memorial Baptist Church 701 Westmont Drive
Cross Creek 08 (CC08) Highland Presbyterian Church 111 Highland Avenue
Cross Creek 09 (G2A) Church of Christ 651 Country Club Drive
Cross Creek 10 (CC10) Fayetteville Fire Station #5 at 3040 Boone Trail Ext
Cross Creek 11 (G3B) Massey Hill Rec Center 1612 Camden Road
Cross Creek 12 (CC12) Vanstory Elementary School 400 Foxhall Road
Cross Creek 13 (CC13) Arthur D. Smith Rec Center 1520 Slater Avenue
Cross Creek 14 (CC14) Kiwanis Rec Center 352 Devers Street
Cross Creek 15 (CC15) Glendale Acres Elementary School 2915 Skycrest Drive
Cross Creek 16 (CC16) E. E. Smith High School 1800 Seabrook Road
Cross Creek 17 (CC17) Westarea Elementary School 941 Country Club Drive
Cross Creek 18 (CC18) R. Max Abbott Elementary School 590 Winding Creek Road
Cross Creek 20 (G4B) Bordeaux Branch Library 3711 Village Drive
Cross Creek 21 (CC21) Jesus Christ-Latter Day Sts Church 3200 Scotty Hill Road
Cross Creek 22 (CC22A) Reid Ross Classical High School 3200 Ramsey Street
Cross Creek 23-1 (G2C-1) North Regional Library 855 McArthur Road
Cross Creek 23-2 (CC23-2) Fayetteville Fire Station #19 at 3841 Walsh Pkwy
Cross Creek 24 (CC24) Campground United Methodist Church 4625 Campground Road
Cross Creek 25 (CC25) Jesus Christ-Latter Day Sts Church 6420 Morganton Road
Cross Creek 26 (CC26) Morganton Road Elem School 102 Bonanza Drive

Cross Creek 27 (CC27) Cliffdale Rec Center 6404 Cliffdale Road
Cross Creek 28-1 (G5B-1) John D. Fuller Sr. Recreational Complex 6667 Old Bunce Road
Cross Creek 28-2 (G5B-2) Fayetteville Fire Station #8 at 1116 Seventy First School Road
Cross Creek 29 (CC29) Anne Chesnutt Middle School 2121 Skibo Road
Cross Creek 30 (G4A) Ireland Drive Middle School 1606 Ireland Drive
Cross Creek 31 (CC31) Fayetteville Fire Station #12 at 911 Hope Mills Road
Cross Creek 32 (CC32) Westover Rec Center 267 Bonanza Drive
Cross Creek 33 (CC33) Fayetteville Fire Station #9 at 5091 Santa Fe Drive
Cross Creek 34 (CC34) Church of the Open Door 4445 Cliffdale Road
Cross Creek 519 (CC519) VFW Post 6018 116 Chance Street
Alderman (AL51) John Dove "J.D." Pone Rec Center 2964 School Road
Arran Hills (AH49) Fayetteville Fire Station #17 at 6701 Bailey Lake Road
Auman 01 (G5A-1) Church Of The Nazarene 1844 Rayconda Pl
Auman 02 (G5A-2) West Regional Library 7469 Century Cir
Beaver Dam (G6B) Beaver Dam Fire Station 26 11042 NC Hwy 210 S
Black River (G7A) Godwin Town Hall 7827 Royal Street
Brentwood (G5C) Arran Lake Baptist Church 1130 Bingham Dr
Cedar Creek (G6C) Cedar Creek Fire Station 4960 Tabor Church Rd
Cliffdale West 01 (CL57-1) Bill Hefner Elementary School 7059 Calamar Drive
Cliffdale West 02 (CL57-2) Lake Rim Rec Center 1455 Hoke Loop Road
Cumberland 01A (G8B) E. Melvin Honeycutt Elem School 4655 Lakewood Dr
Cumberland 02 (CU02) Sherwood Park Elem School 2115 Hope Mills Road
Cumberland 03 (G8C) Cumberland Mills Elem School 2576 Hope Mills Road
Cumberland 04 (G8A) John Griffin Middle School 5551 Fisher Road
Eastover 01 (EO01) Lebanon Baptist Church 3329 Beard Road

Eastover 02 (EO02) Eastover-Central Rec Center 3637 Pembroke Lane
Hope Mills 01A (G8D) Hope Mills Rec Center 5766 Rockfish Road
Hope Mills 02A (G9B-1) Cotton Fire Department 4618 Calico Street
Hope Mills 02B (G9B-2) Gallberry Farm Elementary School 8019 Byerly Drive
Hope Mills 03 (G9A) Hope Mills Middle School 4975 Cameron Road
Hope Mills 04 (G10B) C Wayne Collier Elementary School 3522 Sturbridge Drive
Judson Vander (G1B) Vander Fire Department 3509 Clinton Road
Lake Rim (LR63) Bill Crisp Senior Center 7560 Raeford Road
Linden (LI65) Linden Community Center 9447 Market Street
Long Hill (LO66A) Cedar Falls Baptist Church 6181 Ramsey Street
Manchester (G11B) William T. Brown Elementary School 2522 Andrews Church Road
Montibello (MB62) EE Miller Recr Center 1347 Rim Road
Morganton Rd 02 (MR02) Benjamin Martin Elementary School 430 N Reilly Road
Pearces Mill 02A (G3A-1) Pearces Mill Fire Dept 168 Dedication Drive
Pearces Mill 02B (G3A-2) Breezewood Church 3337 Legion Road
Pearces Mill 03 (G3C) Crown Arena 2405 Gillespie Street
Pearces Mill 04 (G4C) Faymont Baptist Church 3663 Cumberland Road
Sherwood (SH77) Gray's Creek Fire Station # 24 at 2661 Sand Hill Road
Spring Lake 03 (SL78-3) Spring Lake Multipurpose Comm Center 245 Ruth Street
Stedman (G6A) Stedman Community Building 335 First Street
Stoney Point 01 (G10C) Stoney Point Rec Center 7411 Rockfish Road
Stoney Point 02 (G10A) Lighthouse Baptist Church 5991 Rockfish Road
Wade (G7B) Wade Volunteer Fire Department 7130 Powell Street
Westarea 01 (G2E-1) College Lakes Rec Center 4945 Rosehill Road
Westarea 02 (G2E-2) Warrenwood Elementary School 4618 Rosehill Road


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