Cameo Art House Theatre presents "Local Shorts"

17The Cameo Art House Theatre will host a special night dedicated to short films on Tuesday, June 25 at 7 p.m., showcasing the work of local filmmakers. This event, called Local Shorts at the Cameo and sponsored by a generous grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, promises to be an exciting evening celebrating the creativity and talent within our community.
The event will feature a diverse range of genres and styles, offering something for every movie enthusiast. From poignant dramas to light-hearted comedies, thought-provoking dramas, thrillers and the experimental, the lineup aims to highlight the depth and variety of local filmmaking talent. The event provides a platform for new voices to be heard.
The main event of the evening is the screening of "Hood," a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Directed by Brian Adam Kline, the organizer of the event, "Hood" offers a fresh and new perspective on the well-known story, blending suspense and thrills with a unique twist. Kline, who earned an Artists Mini-Grant from the Arts Council to support this event, is the Theatre and Film teacher at the Capitol Encore Academy High School in downtown Fayetteville. Kline worked at the Cameo between 2009-2016 before becoming a teacher.
“It was some of the best times of my life and I really loved being surrounded by film and people that talked about film all the time,” he said.
In addition to "Hood," Brian Adam Kline has three other films included in the film block:
• "Live Vid": A Covid quarantine story about a husband and wife getting on each other's last nerve. This film captures the universal experience of lockdown tensions with humor and chills.
• "What If I Were You?": This award-winning film follows two octogenarian actresses still trying to make it big in New York City. Their journey is both heartwarming and inspiring, highlighting the relentless pursuit of dreams regardless of age.
• "Love & Coffee": A tale of two siblings discussing the meaning of love over a cup of coffee. This film explores the complexities of familial relationships and the different perspectives on love.
Other local films in the block include:
• "Eternal Now" by James Throssel: A visually captivating exploration of the concept of time and existence.
• "It's April 10th" by Judson Clark: A poignant story reflecting on significant life events that happen on this date.
• "Mmm Ahh Ohh" by Michele Falls: A whimsical and artistic short capturing the essence of human expression through sounds.
• "Readily Available Personal Computing" by Charles Hildreth: A humorous take on the evolution and impact of personal computing in modern life.
"It was important to me to show my own short films the same night, but to also support others in our diverse local filmmaking community and I’m proud to say that we are paying the filmmakers a small stipend for their work. Part of the Arts Council grant pays for that," said Kline.
"This night is a testament to the talent that is right here in Fayetteville. I believe in the local arts, especially filmmaking. Just as we have amazing theater companies, galleries, a symphony and dance studios, local film needs to be spotlighted more.”
The Cameo Art House Theatre, known for its commitment to independent and arthouse cinema, is the perfect venue for this event. Located in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, the theater offers a local, welcoming atmosphere, ideal for experiencing the unique storytelling of short films.
In addition to the film screenings, attendees will have the chance to engage with the filmmakers during a Q&A session following the presentations. This interactive component allows the audience to gain deeper insights into the creative process and the stories behind the films.
Tickets for Local Shorts at the Cameo are available for purchase at the Cameo Art House Theatre's box office and on their website at Kline said tickets are going fast.
The organizers hope to make Local Shorts at the Cameo an annual event, providing a "local only" night for Fayetteville region filmmakers.
"This is just the beginning," Kline said. "Not only do I want to show my own films every year, I aim to create an annual tradition that celebrates our local talent and gives filmmakers a dedicated platform to share their stories with the community. And we encourage local filmmakers to try out their films with an audience before showing it at festivals like Fayetteville’s Indigo Moon Film Festival.”
The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, through its support of this event, continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering local arts and culture. Their grant has made it possible for Brian Adam Kline and The Cameo Art House Theatre to bring this exciting event to life.

Cumberland Choral Arts tour, sing in European cities

14On March 28, 30 members of the Cumberland Choral Arts traveled from Fayetteville to Munich, Germany. From there, they spent the next week touring significant musical locations in Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague, learning and performing.
Dr. Michael Martin, Artistic Director for Cumberland Choral Arts, had taken other choirs that he’s led on trips to New York and other countries, so he knew the potential benefits for the performers. When the opportunity arose for the current choir to embark on an overseas adventure, there was no doubt that they would jump at the chance.
In the first portion of the tour, the group spent time in Austria, primarily in Salzburg and Vienna. This part of Europe is where prolific composers lived, worked, and performed: Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Bruckner, and more. Martin describes Vienna as a city of musicians, with people playing music on every corner.
The group visited St. Florian monastery, which hosts an extensive exhibit on the work of composer Anton Bruckner. While there, the group performed a brief impromptu concert. They also visited the palace of Eisenstadt just outside of Vienna. The palace was home to Prince Joseph of the Esterhazy family, who contracted composer Joseph Haydn. The palace was the composer’s home for nearly 40 years. The tour of the palace taught that people who worked for the royal family were treated and paid well, and they were very loyal to their employers.
There was a day trip to the spa town of Baden, just south of Vienna, where Beethoven spent many of his summers. Residents of the town today are proud of the connection to the famous composer, but evidently, that wasn’t always the case; in Beethoven’s later years as his hearing declined, his playing and swearing got louder, causing his neighbors to resent his presence. Some of the group also went on a “Sound of Music” tour, learning about the real Von Trapp family that inspired the famous musical play and film.
The St. Leonhard chapel in Salzburg was another highlight. This chapel was where the song “Silent Night” was composed and originally performed. After learning about the men who wrote the song and how it was inspired, the group sang the song in the place where it was first sung.
After soaking up the music and history in and around Vienna, the tour continued to Prague. Prague has similar historical and current significance when it comes to music. Many prolific composers also worked and performed in Prague, and the city is still considered to be a city of music.
The group performed 4 planned concerts but also sang 3 impromptu performances. The performances were well-attended and well-received. Audiences were eager to hear the musicians and appreciated their artistry.
Martin, President Sandy Cage, and the entire board of the Cumberland Choral Arts hope that the Spring 2024 tour was just the first of many such opportunities for the organization. Martin states, “If there is anything that is the solution to the problems of this world, it’s getting to know each other.”
The chance to travel to another part of the world and interact with the people there was a unique lesson in how we are all more similar than we may seem from a distance. Martin states that everywhere they went, people were kind, helpful, and eager to share their love of music.
The 2024-2025 season of Cumberland Choral Arts kicks off in August. The upcoming season will include a June trip to New York City and a performance at Carnegie Hall, which will feature Martin as guest conductor for one piece. Anyone interested in singing with the choir can find more information at their website,

(Photo: Members of Cumberland Choral Arts pose during a walk in Prague on their European Tour)

Sandhills Jazz Society brings exciting event to Fayetteville

12Attention all music and comedy lovers! On June 21, at 7 p.m., at the Ambiance Entertainment Venue located at 2510 Legion Road, Fayetteville, the Sandhills Jazz Society invites you to enjoy Jazz & Jokes, an evening of live jazz mixed with comedy. Founded in 2018, Sandhills Jazz Society is a community-based, 501(c) (3) nonprofit arts and educational organization on a mission to establish Fayetteville as a hub for the creation of incredible sounds.
Whether you're a seasoned musician or simply an avid fan of the genre, the Sandhills Jazz Society welcomes you with open arms. Their unwavering passion for music has driven them to promote interest in jazz across multiple generations, actively engage a new wave of enthusiasts, and produce a must-attend annual All-American City Jazz Festival.
But their vision extends far beyond just hosting incredible live performances. The society is dedicated to strengthening the local arts community by developing special projects, artistic exchanges, partnerships, educational workshops, community programs, and collaborations that further the art form. From evolving jazz styles to the latest music technologies, the Sandhills Jazz Society is committed to showcasing the full spectrum of this beloved genre.
Headlining Jazz & Jokes is a pioneer in the entertainment industry, Kris Shaw, whose journey to the stage is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. From his early days entertaining clients at his grandmother's hair salon to his eventual foray into comedy, Shaw's passion for making people laugh has been a driving force throughout his life.
"When it comes to entertainment, I don't think it's something I chased but rather something that chased me," Shaw admits.
Shaw’s grandmother planted the seed, recognizing his natural comedic talent, gifting him with a joke book at five years old. He entertained clients and staff at the salon, and by the time he reached high school, his reputation as a natural-born comedian was already firmly established.
Inspired by the greats of comedy, including George Burns, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Bob
Newhart, and the legendary Richard Pryor, Shaw has honed his craft over the years. He captivated audiences with his unique brand of humor. It was not until a work accident left him unable to perform physical labor that he finally decided to pursue his true calling.
Seizing the opportunity, Shaw applied and secured a job at a local comedy club, where he was a doorman and quickly advanced to a cook. The club held a comedy contest, and he proved his mettle by winning the first two rounds of the "Funniest Person in Indianapolis" competition.13
From that experience, he studied all the big names coming through the club. He watched how they controlled the crowd and how the crowd responded to them. He was a sponge, soaking up all he could so that someday he would fill places with his comedy acts.
“Early in my career, I had to balance my growing success with being a husband and father to five beautiful children. Two of my kids were on the road with me just weeks after they were born. When they got older, I decided to take the leap and move to Las Vegas to pursue my dreams. My comedy show has always been about everyday life and the random things we all encounter, including the joys and challenges of parenting,” Shaw said.
“My kids have always been a part of my act, as a way for me to somewhat feel connected to them during all the time I spend on the road. I always told my kids that standup comedy was a dream that kept revisiting me, a gift from God to spread laughter and healing. And I encourage them to pursue their dreams. And if it does not end up being their career, it can still be a rewarding and fulfilling path.”
13aTraveling the world afforded Shaw to meet the likes of John Witherspoon, Paul Mooney, Rob Schneider, and Christopher Titus. Now, he brings his infectious humor and captivating storytelling to the Sandhills Jazz Society’s Jazz and Jokes, where he will undoubtedly leave the audience in stitches.
Joining Kris Shaw on the stage are talented comedic greats Kirk McHenry, Jaye Devan; and Lathesia Everett is the emcee for the event. McHenry, from Oakland, CA, had television appearances on BET’s Comic View, One Mic Stand, and Jamie Foxx Laffapalooza. Philadelphia born Devan’s credits include The Comedy Store, Comedy Union and Laugh Factory (Los Angeles), and the Comedy Cellar (Las Vegas).
You do not want to miss this impressive lineup! For an exciting date night, or if you are ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of jazz and need a good laugh, get your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable experience.
For info and tickets, visit their website at or call 910-987-2426.

(Photo:Top- Headliner Kris Shaw is a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Dubai, Kyrgyzstan and Africa. Kris also appears in national television commercials and had a recurring extra role on the CBS drama Close To Home. Shaw can be heard regularly on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network on Sirius Radio. Photos courtesy of Sandhills Jazz Society.  Middle- A versatility and ability to deliver gut busting laughs to his audiences sets Kirk McHenry apart from the modern-day comic. Born and raised in Oakland, California, McHenry has acquired a wealth of knowledge from life in the inner city, to prep school in the suburbs, experiencing college life in the south and even a successful four-year stint in the Marine Corps. McHenry has had numerous television appearances on BET’s Comic View, One Mic Stand hosted by Kevin Hart, and Jamie Foxx Laffapalooza; as well as several touring engagements throughout the United States and abroad.  Bottom- Philadelphia-born comedian Jaye Devan found his funny early as the comic relief among households filled with his sister and cousins. After graduating, Devan joined the Marine Corps and got his first exposure to stand up during a talent show on base. His credits include The Comedy Store, Comedy Union and Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, LA Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar in Las Vegas and various clubs around the country. He is the former host of his own radio show entitled Everyday Talk with Jaye Devan and current co-host of The Pool Table Talk Podcast. He also released his first recorded standup special, titled ‘Temper Yourself’ on DVD and Amazon Prime.)

Cape Fear Studios holds 13th national 2D competition

17Cape Fear Studios will present the 13th Annual National 2D Competition, June 28, to July 23. The location of Cape Fear Studios is at 148 Maxwell Street, Fayetteville. The opening night is June 28, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The exhibit is available for viewing on Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; closed on Sundays.
The awards for the 13th Annual National 2D Competition are Best of Show, with a $1000 prize, First Place, $750 prize, Second Place, $500 prize, and two Honorable Mention awards at $50 each. The Show's Juror is Paula Holtzclaw.
“North Carolina artist Paula Holtzclaw has gained a national reputation for her ability to capture the drama of nature on canvas. She is most widely known for her landscapes where her fascination with light and atmosphere is most evident. Her still life painting demonstrates a love of the old master’s works.
As a Native Carolinian, she gains much of her inspiration along the coastline, vast marshlands, and southern landscape. Holtzclaw’s paintings have been included in international, national, and museum exhibitions,” according to the website,
Pandora Autry, Board President, Cape Fear Studios, shares about the exhibit, “We have received 85 entries for the show this year which will be narrowed down to 40 entries to be entered into the competition. The media for this show are all 2D paintings, drawing media, hand-pulled prints and collages.”
“Two-dimensional art is a popular and versatile form of expression. Most drawings are two-dimensional if the artist is using traditional methods. Typically, 2D art drawings are made using paper, chalk, charcoal, pencils or colored inks. A variety of materials including oil paints, acrylics, watercolors and pastels can be used for these paintings.
"Two-dimensional platforms are drawing, painting, prints, and photographs. Sculptures are not within the two-dimensional group. Sculpture is a three-dimensional art form. A two-dimensional piece of artwork can capture a moment in time, create a narrative, and express emotion,” according to Eden Gallery, Art Blog, SN
“This is always a wonderful exhibit to view entries from all over the country,” shares Autry.
See and feel the 13th Annual National 2D Competition at Cape Fear Studios.
For more information, call Cape Fear Studios at 910-433-2986, or visit their website at

(Graphic courtesy of Cape Fear Studios Facebook page)

Celebrating 25 years: "Run Lola Run" at Cameo Theatre

14Grab your sneakers, popcorn and favorite beer! Get ready to sprint down memory lane because Run Lola Run aka in German “Lola rennt” aka “Lola Runs” is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the Cameo Art House Theatre for one week! Released in 1998, director Tom Tykwer's cult classic is still racing through the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Run Lola Run is this summer’s nostalgic hot pick and actually inspired the opening of our favorite downtown cinema.
Maybe you remember that feeling of pure exhilaration the first time you watched Lola, played by Franka Potente, dash through the streets of Berlin, Germany? With her fiery red hair and unstoppable determination, Lola's quest to save her boyfriend, Manni, played by Moritz Bleibtreu, is nothing short of awesome. Manni delivers some smuggled loot for his boss, Ronnie (Heino Ferch), but accidentally leaves the 100,000-mark payment on the subway. Given 20 minutes to come up with the money, he calls on Lola, who sprints through the streets of the city to try to beg the money out of her bank manager father (Herbert Knaup) and get to Manni before he does something desperate. The film's unique narrative structure gives us three alternate timelines, each starting with the same premise but unfolding in dramatically different ways based on the smallest of choices.
One of the most striking aspects of Run Lola Run is its vibrant aesthetics. Tykwer's use of split screens, animation, and rapid-fire editing keeps you on the edge of your seat. And then there's the soundtrack – the film comes with one of the best soundtracks of 90s films.
Run Lola Run was not just a hit critically and commercially, but also a phenomenon. It crashed through the barriers of conventional storytelling and brought a fresh, dynamic approach to cinema. Critics loved it, audiences couldn't get enough of it, and it scooped up awards at the Sundance Film Festival and the German Film Awards.
Chris and Nasim Kuenzel, co-owners of the Cameo Art House Theatre have a special connection to the film.
“Twenty-five years ago we were young and in Chicago,” Nasim laughs. “We decided to check out this really cool theater called the Music Box. They were showing Run Lola Run. It was beautifully done.
Great music. Great story.”
“And great animation segments,” Chris added.
The Kuenzels decided they wanted to be involved with independent films and open a theater. Both agreed that people should see the film because it makes viewers appreciate how the little things can change our lives.
“It's the quintessential independent film, " Chris remarked.
The Cameo will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as well, having opened in 2000 with one screen downstairs until they needed to expand to a second screening room upstairs, with comfy chairs and a bar area, famously called The Loge.
“It's a great time at the movies!” Chris said.
The film’s title character herself is someone who embodies determination and resilience, much like Chris and Nasim did, bringing their dream to life.
“We worked behind the scenes way before we actually opened the Cameo. We had to learn what we were doing. It took a lot of time to learn the business and after we opened, there was still a lot to learn,” Nasim added.
Chris and Nasim both agreed that they wanted to share this great film that had a huge impact on their lives and the opening of their theater.
Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the Cameo, the fancy atmosphere, fresh buttery popcorn, hundreds of sweets and adult beverages along with Lola’s race against time will have you wanting to visit again and again. Run Lola Run starts Friday, June 7 at the Cameo on Hay Street and will play for one week. Catch it while you can!

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