12In a wonderful display of community and kindness, Fayetteville’s Child Advocacy Center is hosting their 8th annual Ultimate Lip Sync Showdown at Fayetteville's Crown Complex.
Whether you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to perform, a fun time for your kids, or an entertaining night of energetic performances, Fayetteville’s Ultimate Lip Sync battle is the fundraiser you won’t want to miss. This annual event is always full of laughter and family-friendly fun. Mark your calendars for April 20, and come enjoy this exciting fundraising event.
Fayetteville’s Ultimate Lip Sync Showdown provides a stage for participants to show off their lip-syncing prowess and a fundraiser filled with fun and laughter. The audience plays a massive role in crowning Fayetteville’s 2024 Ultimate Lip Sync Star, so don’t miss the chance to participate.
The CAC is hosting two separate shows on April 20, one for all ages and another with adult lip-sync performers.
The Matinee show at noon is perfect for everyone of all ages by featuring groups with one or more performers under 18 years old. For this showing, one ticket is $35 and two are $60. Both the doors and food stands open at 11:15 am.
The second show is the Evening show at 7 p.m. You can purchase one ticket for $65 and two tickets for $120. For this event, the doors open and food is served at 6 p.m.
Why participate? The winners of this exciting competition will walk away with an amazing prize of $500.
This is the community’s moment to shine and help out a wonderful cause all in one.


Started in 2017 by the Child Advocacy Center, the Ultimate Lip Sync Showdown has been a success from the start, being well-loved by performers and tons of attendees each year. For the first time in 8 years, CAC is holding two events which creates double the audience for your sponsorship dollars and performers!
The CAC asks that you let your worries go and enjoy this event, whether you’re dancing and lip-syncing your heart out on stage or watching, knowing that your efforts directly help prevent and spread awareness on child abuse.
CAC aims to cast light on the ever-present issue of child abuse and how to prevent it. On top of this, their annual events bring a diverse audience to raise both awareness and funds for their incredible cause. Not only are they bringing people together through the universal language of music, but they also create a safe and entertaining space for those personally affected by abuse and those who support the cause.
The slogan for this event, “Be Their Voice,” goes to show this organization’s commitment to its mission of protecting children from abuse. Founded in 1993, CAC, Child Advocacy Center, constantly works to educate the community on child abuse prevention, provide safe places for children to meet with victim advocates, give counseling if abuse has already taken place, and to conduct forensic interviews.
The CAC is a nonprofit organization funded by corporate, state, and foundation grants on top of any individual donations.
As stated on their website, “the CAC secures local, specialized medical evaluations for child abuse victims by highly trained medical personnel. Before the establishment of the CAC, victims had to travel to UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke for exams.” The CAC brings a coordinated approach to children and families in unsafe environments and helps alleviate victims’ trauma alongside an increased prosecution rate of perpetrators. On top of all they do for children and families in dangerous situations, they help save money with their specific approach, saving the community approximately $600,000 per year.
The Child Advocacy Center provides education for the public with their professionals. They provide training where they aim to educate parents, grandparents, and anyone who works with children on how to recognize, prevent, and responsibly react to child sexual abuse. CAC also offers training for professionals and organizations in recognizing signs of abuse and how to go about reporting child abuse.
For more information on the organization, please visit cacfaync.org.
Karen B. Tisdale, CAC’s Lip Sync Committee Chair, shared her experience with the event in the past, “The CAC's mission is enough to make anyone passionate about this organization. This event is a blast! It is a fun day full of fantastic performers, laughs, creativity, and dancing. I've never talked to someone who didn't enjoy attending and/or performing. The committee works hard to put together a great lineup with fun emcees and judges.”
She continued her praise for participants and spectators alike. Tisdale says it best, “Our job as a community should be to constantly work to make Fayetteville a better place to be. What better way is there to make our community better than to serve and protect children? They really are our future.”
Luckily, this isn’t CAC’s only annual event. The Pinwheel Masquerade Ball, which usually takes place at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden in the fall, is also a wonderful way to support the prevention of child abuse.
Sponsors can have their name or logo on event materials, a vendor booth at the event if desired, and their name or logo displayed on the CAC website depending on the amount donated.
By donating, you will help fund the continued effort to provide healing and hope to over 800 child victims of abuse yearly. The CAC hopes you join their efforts to protect and provide for children of abuse.
If you’re interested in performing as one of the lip-syncers, you can request an electronic registration packet by emailing CACLipSync@gmail.com or by picking a physical copy up at the CAC at 222 Rowan Street.
If you’d like to join the fundraiser without performing, message the previously mentioned email for volunteer opportunities and assistance, donation information, ticket purchasing links, and answers to any other questions you may have.
To purchase tickets for Fayetteville’s Ultimate Lip Sync Showdown, visit https://www.cacfaync.org/how-to-help/2024-fayettevilles-ultimate-lip-sync-showdown.html.
For more information, contact the CAC’s Planning Committee Chair, Karen B. Tisdale at 252-258-8151 or at the email mentioned above.

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