19Kevin Dennison Fayetteville Academy girls

20Jasmine Davidson Fayetteville Academy girls

Coach: Kevin Dennison

Top returners: Jasmine Davidson, 5-8, Sr., G/F; Danny Howland, 5-8, Sr., G; Kate Perko, 5-10 Sr., F; Covey Holmes, 5-6, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Priyanka Singh, 5-7, Sr., G; Mary Hana, 5-7, Sr., F; Jenna Mergy, 5-8, So., F; Anne Schafer, 5-7, So., F; Talana Banks, 5-5, So., G.

Coach’s comment: “This year’s team, despite losing four starters to graduation, still has the potential to be competitive and win games.”


21James Strong Fayetteville Academy boys basketball

22Emmanuel Izunabor Fayetteville Academy boys basketball

Coach: James Strong

Top returners: Emmanuel Izunabor, 6-9, Jr.; Williams Onyeodi, 6-6, F., Jr.; Cameron’s Billups, 6-3, Jr., G.

Top newcomers: Charles Massie, 6-4, Jr., G; Eric Bethea, 6-2, Jr., G; Ron Kirkland, 6-1, Sr., G.

Coach’s comment: “One of my team’s strengths is the strong and experienced players I have on our baseline. Charles Massie, one of my new players, tore his ACL this past summer and will miss the first half of the season. Although this could be a weakness for us, I believe all of my players are key components to help us go far and be very competitive this season.”

PHOTOS: (Top, L-R: Girls’ basketball coach Kevin Dennison & Top returner Jasmine Davidson / Bottom, L-R: Boys’ basketball coach James Strong & Top returner  Emmanuel Izunabor)

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