14TradeKyle Jackson’s 1910 Apothecary has barely been open a year at its location on Trade Street. Just days past his first anniversary there, he’s changing locations, but not too far, moving to the other end of Trade Street where he’ll share space with the existing Get Twisted Yoga studio.

Jackson said it’s not a matter of being disappointed with his old location, where he sold a variety of items he made himself, including soap, candles and products associated with natural healing.

“I loved the old location and the history of the building,’’ Jackson said. “But I needed a little more room. It became a little difficult because I didn’t have much storage. I was having to move a bunch of things around and it was like musical chairs just to get something made.’’

Jackson has unofficially already started conducting business in his new location at Get Twisted Yoga, but his official opening won’t take place until the latter part of June.

“We still have to get the new flooring put in, but that’s not really a necessity,’’ he said. “It’s just cosmetic.’’

He said most of his customers have made the transition to the new location and are already coming to see him there, as he alerted them the move was in progress.

As the move progresses, he hopes to expand the services he’s currently offering them and dovetail some of his natural healing approaches to the yoga instruction that goes on at Get Twisted Yoga. He also works there part-time as an instructor, which was part of the reason for his decision to move his business.

His goal is to offer more products and services related to natural healing. He stressed that he’s not allowed to advertise what he does as cures, just alternatives in some cases to traditional

One thing he has an interest in is called reiki. Reiki is a natural healing technique based on the idea the therapist can channel energy into a patient by means of touch.

Jackson said the only thing he can guarantee people who undergo reiki is they will be relaxed. “There are different levels of certification,’’ Jackson said. “My ultimate goal is to have a natural healing clinic paired with the yoga studio.’’

He said he’ll continue to offer the variety of products he makes himself that can be seen on his Facebook page or his website, www.1910apothecary.com.

“I’ve worked so hard on those recipes I don’t want to deviate from them,’’ he said.

He’s currently working on a shampoo that a number of his customers are testing for him. “We’ll see what happens and if everyone comes to agreement,’’ he said. “I’m not making any claims it will treat anything because you can’t do that. I can steer people in different directions depending on what they have an issue with.’’

Jackson said his business hours at his new location will be the same as his old location. Hours will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except for Wednesday when he’s open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The business is closed on Sunday.

For further information, visit the Facebook page or the website, or call 910-835-6833.

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