Surge 5Vance McAllister, who has been overseeing the opening of the new Surge Trampoline Park in Hope Mills, said the 2-year-old company’s mission can be summed up in three words. 

Fun, friends and family. 

“It’s a family-style environment,’’ said McAllister of the Louisiana-based business. “That’s what brought Drew Brees on to be a partner of Surge. It’s a great atmosphere for kids of all ages.’’ 

Brees, the standout quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, appears in a promotional video for the newest Surge facility that recently opened in Hope Mills in the former Bi-Lo Supermarket building. The video can be seen on the Surge Trampoline Park Hope Mills Facebook page. 

With a growing family of three boys and one girl, Brees has an obvious interest in activities for the family, and McAllister said that’s exactly what Surge has to offer. 

“He’s all about keeping them active and competitive, not getting caught up in the world of Fortnite,’’ McAllister said of Brees and his family. 

In growing the business to seven facilities nationwide, with another four scheduled to open in the coming months, McAllister said the company looks mainly for existing buildings that can be converted into Surge franchises, if the demographics show there are enough families in the area to support it. 

   “We go in and rehab the building, change it over to the Surge look and logo,’’ he said. “The two things we are always looking for are high ceilings to put one in and obviously parking.’’ 

   While trampolines were the initial focus of the Surge parks, McAllister said they have been transitioning toward a 50-50 mix between trampoline and climbing features like rock walls. 

   The Hope Mills park includes many of these attractions. “We try to keep them engaged and not just a straight bounce, turn, roll, flip and tumble type thing,’’ McAllister said. 

   One of the attractions at the new park is called High Nine, where you try to jump high enough to hit a sensor as you compete with others. 

   Another popular feature is called Wipeout, where a long beam rotates in a circle and you have to jump over it as it passes. 

   Other activities include pits of soft foam, climbing walls and a giant Rubik’s Cube. 

   With so many physical activities, McAllister said safety is among Surge’s utmost concerns. 

   While on the mats, everyone must wear trampoline socks that have grips on the bottom. They can bring their own or purchase a pair there for $3. 

   For all climbing activities, customers must wear a safety harness and fall restraint. 

   All of the rules of the park are clearly posted at various locations within the facility. 

   Surge isn’t just for individual customers. There are party and banquet options available. 

   There are 12 party tables, along with a separate private banquet room for any type of corporate event, birthday or other celebrations. 

   And the park isn’t just for kids. Some adult groups have already scheduled exercise classes at Surge. 

   With its emphasis on activities for families, Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner said Surge fits right in with the family-oriented, small-town atmosphere Hope Mills is trying to promote. 

   “I believe it’s going to be a destination spot because you don’t have to go all the way into town,’’ she said, referring to people having to drive from surrounding areas to Fayetteville. 

   “We’re a family place to live, and this just adds to it, all the way around a good addition for Hope Mills,’’ Warner said.

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