Every day, from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning, we take steps and make moves toward goals. Sometimes these goals are minor. We move towards the post offi ce, the grocery store, towards the laundromat. Other times they are larger, more substantial goals, towards a higher education, a spiritual awakening, a closer relationship with someone we care about. And sometimes the steps that we take can help change the lives of our family, friends or someone we have never even met. 09-15-10-lupuswalkbanner.gif

On Sunday, Sept. 19, the community of Fayetteville has an opportunity to progress towards a common goal in The Walk for Lupus, taking place in beautiful Festival Park. This is a great opportunity to get out and show your support for people suffering from this terrible disease, raise money for education and research, and show the 45,000 residents in North Carolina who struggle with this syndrome that they are not alone.

Lupus is a chronic and potentially life threatening autoimmune disease. No cure is in sight and the effects can be devastating, not only for the people suffering but for their friends and families as well. Lynn Rogers, who was diagnosed in 2002, says that having Lupus has drastically changed her life. She has become more health conscious, more aware of the need of others when they become ill and has learned to closely follow the guidance of her physicians. Most importantly, she has learned not to take the simple things in life for granted.

To the walkers, she sends her appreciation. “What they’re doing to raise money for Lupus sufferers is amazing and so selfl ess. Every dollar, every donation, every step is appreciated. It’s amazing what people will do in support of their friends and families, as well as strangers.”

Her daughter, Taleah Grimmage, is standing nearby and chimes in “I think it’s important for the community to show our support for other Lupus sufferers, even if it doesn’t personally affect them. I first started walking when my mother was newly diagnosed, and although she’s doing better now, (Lynn received a replacement kidney in 2004), I know that there are others just like her that still need our help.”

There are two different walks, for all types of physical ability levels. A one mile mini walk around historic downtown Fayetteville or a 5k stroll around the beautiful streets that surround it. If you are not able to physically walk, you can still participate with a Virtual Walker, where you can set up a personalized page to raise money and win prizes.

To find out more visit http://walkforlupusnow.kintera.org/faf/ home/default.asp?ievent=419941.

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