03-09-11-sunflower-fibers.gifPam Kelly loves fiber — every aspect of it. She enjoys knitting, dyeing, nuno felting, needle felting, spinning and weaving.

In fact, she is so enamored by the world of fiber and fiber art that she opened her own shop this past August where customers can not only purchase supplies, they can also take classes. It’s called Sunfl ower Fibers and is located just of Hay Street at 123 Anderson St.

One of the things that makes Sunfl ower Fibers unique in this day of big-box stores and one-size-fits-all establishments is that Kelly builds relationships with her customers and does everything in her power to meet their needs.

“If someone comes in and tells me that they are interested in learning a certain technique, I try to put a class together for them as quickly as I can,” said Kelly. “If you come in here with a question about fi er and I don’t know the answer, call me back in a few days and I will have answer for you.”

Kelly is so dedicated to her customers that she’s been known to loan out her personal knitting needles for them to use while they wait for her to special order the right size.

“It’s always worked out,” said Kelly. “I always get my needles back and they end up buying the one I’ve ordered for them.”

The list of yarns that can be found at Sunfl ower Fibers is enough to thrill any knitter or crochet buff out there. There is everything from Abuelita, Feza, My Muench, Louet yarns, Shepherds wool and even hand-painted knitting yarns. If she doesn’t have it in stock just ask and Kelly will make a special order.

“I have the staples like wool and angora. I’ve got cashmere and other higher end yarns too,” Kelly noted. “You won’t find the types of yarn that I have at Wal Mart. Most of what I carry are novelty fi bers that you can use to make very high quality pieces”

Being just the slightest bit fascinated in fi ber is reason enough to check out the store. Once you cross the threshold, Kelly will help match you up to a class that most fi ts you, if you are interested in learning something new or want to meet new people and make some new friends. If getting in and out with supplies in hand is the primary goal, rest assured, that is not a problem either.

In addition to teaching the basics, Kelly offers things like Flick night where participants bring their fi ber project and watch a movie while they work. There is a sweater knit along club, a scarfof- the-month club, a club that makes an afghan block each month and at the end of 12 months they assemble the blocks into a quilt. There is a shawl class as well. If there is a class you are interested in, just mention it to Kelly, and chances are it will be offered before you know it.

If needle work is not your thing, pick up a loom, either triangle or square, and weave your own wearable work of art. The looms come in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 foot sizes and are handmade by Kelly’s husband Jim.

They are adjustable and designed to bring countless hours of pleasure to the owners, with wonderful results to show for it.

“I’ve used my loom for more than making shawls,” said Kelly. “I’ve been able to make sweaters with it too, and they just turn out wonderfully.”

Visit her website www. sunfl owerfibers.com or giver her a call at 223-1314 to find out more.

Photo: A loom and sample of yarn that can be found at Sunflower Fibers.

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