04-13-11-ftcc-logo.jpgSummer is indeed an exciting time of year for kids — no school, warm weather, long days and extra time to sleep! This situation can present a dilemma for some parents when they wonder how they can provide fun activities for their kids without having them stuck indoors. FTCC has the solution, and it’s called Summerscapes.

Kids ages 8-16 can get involved in fun classes at FTCC to express their creativity while they discover new talents. We realize that kids may tend to be more interested in Summerscapes’ fun classes, but parents may be interested to know that Summerscapes also offers academic refresher courses. The academic refresher courses are offered to help students master the grade-level objectives set by the state of North Carolina. Parents can check out the list of classes and register their kids for as many classes as their schedules will allow. All classes are taught by motivated instructors who will provide a positive learning environment. Whether your child enjoys art, photography, reading, cooking or music, we have it all! Some of the most popular Summerscape’s classes include Art Attack, Acting, How Do Airplanes Fly, Chef for a Day, Guitar, Shag, Reading and Math Refresher Camps and Multicultural Arts.

The Summerscapes program will begin in June to allow year-round students to participate. Classes will begin after school is out in June and will run through the end of August. The classes listed in the Continuing Education Spring II course schedule are only the beginning! There will be additional classes advertised in the summer04-13-11-ftcc-picture.jpg course schedule available in the June 2 edition of The Fayetteville Observer, which will include July and August classes. The community college can offer these self-supporting courses only during the summer, so take advantage of these enjoyable, inexpensive learning opportunities for your child.

While these courses are offered to the public at a discounted rate, some may require that supplies be brought to class. Additional fees for classes requiring supplies will be kept as low as possible. On the fi rst day of class, please accompany your child to meet the instructor, to discuss supplies and to leave a contact number.

Classrooms do not open until time for class to start, so parents should not drop off their children early. Also, parents need to pick up their children immediately after the class ends. Parents are welcome to stay in the building where their child’s class is located, but we ask that parents not remain in the classroom. For security purposes, parents are required to accompany their child to the classroom (for every class meeting) and pick up their child from the classroom. If your child is taking a cooking class, parents should inform the instructor about any food allergies. Since class sizes are limited, students must pre-register for all Summerscapes courses. Sign your child up today! It’s easy to get started!

If you are interested in learning more about FTCC’s Summerscapes program or how to register, please call us at (910) 678-8243/8309 or e-mail to mclamba@faytechcc.edu. For a complete course listing, visit our website at www.faytechcc. edu/con_ed/default.asp.

PHOTO: Whether your child enjoys art, photography, reading, cooking or music, FTCC has it all.

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