Continued attention to National Safety Awareness Month in June al-lows us to focus again on senior safety.

Nearly 90 percent of seniors say they want to stay in their home. Doing so gives them a wonderful sense of continued independence.

But having mom or dad live alone can be a source of worry for their adult children. The, ”What if?” sce-narios can often overwhelm the mind. “What if she falls down?” “What if he forgets something on the stove?” “What if she doesn’t tell me it’s get-ting harder for her to get around?”

If you feel like this, you’re not alone. In 2007, the AARP surveyed Boomer women and found that two-thirds are concerned about their par-ents’ ability to live independently.

Vast amounts of information are available at your fingertips withthe internet.

Available on www.caregiverstress.com is the following:

Answering the Call features a senior emergency kit, which includes work-sheets and checklists which were developed by Humana Points of Caregiving. It is designed to help family caregivers gather details about a senio06-22-11-senior-corner.jpgr’s doctors, pharmacy and insurance company, medications and dosages, as well as aller-gies. Power of attorney and other important information.

This toolkit will provide you with all the important information you need in a centrally located file so you are ready for a crisis, day or night. The toolkit materials are available for download on www.caregiverstress.com.

Other topics available at the same location are:

• Senior Depression

• Senior Scams

• Senior Driving an Individual Issue

• Look and See Signs of Aging

• Threat of Natural Disasters Calls for Preparedness Plan to Protect


• When it’s Time to go to the Doctor … Here’s What to Ask

• Senior Holiday Checklist• Senior Safety Checklist

• 10 Signs a Senior May Be in Trouble

Photo: Nearly 90 percent of seniors say they want to stay in their home. Doing so gives them a wonderful sense of continued indepen-dence.

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