10-26-14-ftcc-article.jpgWhile walking around FTCC’s Fayetteville campus, it is hard not to notice the banners and posters with I-PASS on them. But really, what is it? Is it a place? Is it a concept? Is it a person? Well, it is all of those things!

The developmental studies division has expanded to include services spe-cifically tailored to its students. Who is a developmental student? Any stu-dent taking one or more of the follow-ing courses: ENG 070, 080 and 090; or MAT 050, 060, 070, 080 and 090; or RED 070, 080 and 090. Students enrolled in these courses can go to either the I-PASS Center in Cumberland 314 or the McLean Learning Lab in Cumberland 315 to receive services

.I-PASS offers multiple services to assist developmental students. First, developmental students can receive intrusive advising. During an intrusive advising session, an advisor informs the students of financial aid limitations, developmental course-work, attendance policies in developmental courses, repeat policies for developmental courses and much more. An intrusive advising session lasts about 20 minutes and allows students the opportunity to ask ques-tions and voice any concerns they may have about college.

Second, I-PASS offers professional tutoring by instructors who actually teach the courses. In addition, student tutors are available to assist with problems. If students prefer to work alone, they can check out a net-book to work on during the time they spend in the I-PASS Center. Coming soon, math students will be able to uti-lize a SMART board to further improve their math skills.

Finally, the I-PASS Center has a full-time counselor who is available to assist with personal, emotional or behavioral issues. The counseling ses-sions are confidential, and appointments may be made ahead of time. The counselor also provides workshops per-taining to student issues like time- or stress-management.

Does I-PASS really work? Yes! The more time students spend receiv-ing tutoring, the better their grades. Further, over 90% of students who receive tutoring are either satisfied or very satisfied. In addition, over 82% of students who received intrusive advising were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

So the next time you see one of those I-PASS signs, you will know how I-PASS can help you. Stop by sometime; we will be waiting!

Photo: During an intrusive advising session, an advisor informs the students of finan-cial aid limitations, developmental coursework, attendance policies in devel-opmental courses, repeat policies for developmental courses and much more.

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