It is that time of year again. No, it is not time to start that diet or quit smoking — although both are really great ideas. It is time for stu-dents who wish to pursue a degree in healthcare to apply for a seat for the fall 2012 semester at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Anyone seeking a degree in the healthcare field knows how important it is to have the proper credentials.

01-04-12-ftcc.jpgAt Fayetteville Technical Community College, we are here to help our students achieve their health career goals, but in order to be competitive, students need to apply to the program of their choice before Jan. 30.

Sound easy? Well, it is, and it isn’t. At FTCC, we have a competi-tive process for entry into our cur-riculum health programs. Due to the limited number of applicants we can take every fall, the competitive pro-cess, though confusing, is very ef-fective. The competitive process not only gives us the best and brightest, it allows students who enter the program the luxury of having most of their general college classes completed so they can concentrate on their core and clinical classes. Since the deadline is approaching, it is essential that students act fast.

These admissions requirements include an application, submission of all high school and college transcripts and testing if necessary. An applica-tion for admissions can be completed on our website www.faytechcc.edu. Transcripts must be official, meaning that they were sent from the original institution directly to us, or they can be hand carried in official sealed en-velopes. Even students with advanced degrees are required to bring in high school transcripts. Many prerequisites are high-school level, and the great thing is that they do not expire! Testing may not be required for students who have certain college-level classes.

After all admissions criteria are met, students should see a counselor or attend a group counseling session and, most important, apply for the de-sired program on the computer terminals located in the Tony Rand Student Center lobby, the Spring Lake Campus lobby, or the FTCC Fort Bragg of-fice. It is quick and easy and takes about five minutes; once completed, stu-dents are given a receipt. It is essential that the student keep that receipt. It has dates, deadlines and expiration dates listed on it. Also, it is proof of the date of application.

While it is true that time is of the essence, all hope is not lost. Students who do not apply on time, or have missing documentation, can still be con-sidered for a health program on a space-available basis.

Please feel free to call Counseling Services at 678-8419, or go online to www.faytechcc.edu/areas_of_study/HealthPrograms.asp.

Fayetteville Technical Community College offers you affordable, high-quality education for life’s changing circumstances. Let us help you get started today on your new educational journey!

Photo: It is time for students who wish to pursue a degree in health care to apply for a seat for the fall 2012 semester at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

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