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This week in “The Buzz” we will learn: which Christian artist recently experienced a skate-boarding accident, what Jeremy Camp did for his Facebook friends, what the latest Christian music CD for younger kids is and what new songs you’ll be hearing on Christian radio real soon!

Always wear your helmet!

Chris August, the artist who brought us “Starry Night” and “7 X 70” has learned an important lesson the hard and painful way. A few weeks ago he went out for a little ride on his electric skateboard. Since he was only going a short ways he thought he wouldn’t need his helmet. Unfortunately he was wrong. It was nightime, he didn’t know there was road work going on and went full speed into a deep hole. He woke up in the hospital rather dazed and with a serious headache. Thankfully he was able to go home a few days later and is already back on tour with Mercy Me.

It was a concert and everyone was invited!

Jeremy Camp, like most artists these days, loves to stay connected through several social-media sites. Recently he decided he would put on a concert and invite anyone and everyone to come — via Facebook! It may not have been quite the same as being there in person, but it does show that being someone’s friend on Facebook can sometimes really pay off.

Your little one’s will love this!

If you love the music of Hillsong and ever wished there was something as meaningful for your preschooler, check out the first Hillsong Kids, Jr. release, Crazy Noise, now available on iTunes and at your local Christian Bookstore. These 12 brand new songs are all inspired by and tied to specific Bible verses that will provide a solid foundation for your little ones while being lots of fun at the same time! Kind of like having a time of wor-ship with The Wiggles or the gang on Yo Gabba Gabba!

New music coming to your radio

Some of the songs you’ll be hearing soon at a Christian radio station near you:

“Losing” from Tenth Avenue North’s upcoming release The Struggle, it talks about how, when we don’t forgive, we’re the one’s who lose.

“Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave from their current release Love Come To Life, shows the joys we can have when we have been redeemed.

“Keep Your Eyes Open” from NeedToBreathe’s cd The Reckoning, encourages us to always know that we can overcome the difficult times we face in life if we keep pressing on with our eyes looking forward.

Photo: Chris August

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