07-04-12-_war_veterans_holding_american_flags_m.jpgThe Feeney family is familiar with the military. It’s been their way of life for generations. In fact, it is the military that brought them to Fort Bragg.

As soldiers the Feeney men have travelled the world defending freedom and carrying out the will of the American people under the orders of various Commanders-in-Chief. Through the years, they’ve never forgotten the people who treated them kindly and shared stories and experiences over a cold one, so it only made sense that once their time in uniform was complete, they would open Feeney’s Irish Pub and offer the same hospitality and experience to friends and fellow service members.

On July 7 from 4 p.m. – midnight, Feeney’s Irish Pub and Concerned Veteran’s of America invite you to a patriotic welcome-home party in honor of veteran’s.

“We have been shown a lot of support over the years and this is what we are doing to say thanks, to show we care,” said Donald M. “Buddy” Feeney III. “It’s not just for vets though. It’s for anyone who has served, has supported those who serve or who just wants to come out and have a good time and say thanks to the many generations of the military who have served in our nation’s wars.”

Entertainment will include Autumn Nicholas, Strong Hold and the Cris Cox Band. Rock 103 is scheduled to broadcast the event live. Drink specials and door prizes are part of the event, too.

“This is going to be a fun event, everyone is welcome, military or not,” said Feeney. “Next month we are looking forward to honoring military spouses and we hope people will join us for that as well. The sacrifi ces of military spouses are really overlooked a lot of the time and we want to show them how much we appreciate what they do and endure on behalf of their soldiers.”

Although he is not a politician, Feeney recognizes the value of an informed electorate and the power of the vote, which is why Concerned Veterans for America is participating in this event.

“Military people have the right to vote by absentee ballot, but sometimes it is not always an easy thing to do. The laws can be confusing and the process is not always as streamlined as it could be,” said Feeney. “The laws change all the time and people never know it. The Concerned Veteran’s of America will have a booth to educate people about the process — not to try and sway them one way or the other on issues or even to register them to vote. They want to educate people about the process and share information with them and make it easier for military members to exercise their right to vote.”

Voting is just a small part of the CVA mission.

“In short “Concerned Veterans for America is an organization made up of veterans and family members of veterans who are dedicated to preserving the freedom and liberty we and our families so proudly fought and sacrifi ced to defend,” said Kate Pomeroy, communications director for Concerned Veterans for America. This includes standing for freedom and American strength, getting the country’s priorities straight, defending the American dream and fi ghting for the future. Find out more about CVA at concernedveteransforamerica.org.

Feeney’s Irish Pub is located at 3624 Ramsey St.

Photo: Members of the Concerned Veterans of America (shown above) are teaming up with Feeney’s Irish Pub to host a welcome home party for Fayetteville’s veterans. 

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