Memories are precious. Families spend substantial amounts of money to create memories. Powerful memories can elicit emotions years after the event occurred and some philosophers even hypothesize that memories are what make people individuals. Alzheimer’s, the incurable and unfortunately common disease, robs people of their memories and ability to function.

Alzheimer’s is the nation’s sixth leading cause of death, but communities across this nation have banded together in support of research, care, support and pursuing the end of Alzheimer’s. The largest organization in the nation that supports this fight against Alzheimer’s is The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and on Sept. 8 local residents will join the fight as they walk to raise money for the cause.08-29-12-alzheimers.gif

Since 1989, this organization has been walking and has grown from the first 1,249 walkers to last year’s astounding 39,000 participating teams nationwide. Susan Thomas, the walk coordinator, says that this year, “Fayetteville hopes to have 40 teams walking on Sept. 8 and plans to raise $25,000. All monies raised support the Alzheimer’s Association mission to advance research, enhance care and support and advocate for Alzheimer’s disease on both local and national levels.”

However the knowledge of the money raised pales in comparison to knowing how this association is helping individuals. Thomas comments that the most rewarding part of this fundraiser is “Meeting all the people that Alzheimer’s has affected. Hearing every individual and unique story about some amazing and inspiring people … caregivers, family members, friends and meeting those people who have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Alzheimer’s has a wide reach; it is not even regulated by age. It could affect anyone in the community. That is why it is so pertinent that the entire community band together and contribute to finding a cure for all of its members. Thomas says that the most important way for the community to support this great initiative is to “come out on Sept. 8 and either walk or volunteer.”

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s will take place on Sept. 8, with a starting point at The Cottages at North Ramsey, 120 Nandia Court. The walk starts at 9 a.m. Registration is both online at www.alz.org/walk and at the walk itself. Registration opens and 9 a.m. and the walk and the opening ceremonies will begin at 10 a.m. Fo more information, Susan Thomas can be contacted at 703-2390 or Susan. Thomas@Century-Care.com. The website www.alz.org can provide more information.

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