01-30-13-methodist.gifCollege is expensive, and every year all over the country the tuition prices seem to go up. There are ways for students to manage the prices, however. One such way is through the generosity of the community. Thankfully, local colleges go out of their way to work with students to make a college education a reality. At Methodist University, 95 percent of the students receive some sort of financial aid. Last year the school awarded more than $17 million in financial aid.

One of the ways that Methodist University is able to help their students is through the Loyalty Day Scholarship Fund. When most people think of Loyalty Day they think of donations from alumni, but alumni are not the only benefactors who contribute to the fund.

Methodist is a strong community-based school, and there are many individuals and businesses in the community that support it. Krista Lee, the director of the Annual fundraiser noted, “Community members are our biggest supporters for the Loyalty Day campaign. Last year 25 percent of our goal was met by alumni support, 75 percent by community supporters, faculty and staff. However, it is important to note that many of our alumni are also community members.”

While at Methodist University, students are completely entrenched in the community of the college. For many, this creates amazing experiences that motivate them to give back to their community and stay involved. The money raised through the Loyalty Day campaign goes to benefit institutional scholarships that are specifically intended for students in need. One example is Jeannie Snider, Class of 2013, who says “My ambition keeps me in college, but what keeps me at Methodist University is the family atmosphere, the wonderful faculty and staff who have helped me along the way and the amazing career-oriented opportunities I have received. I am a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship at Methodist University. This scholarship has not only helped me pursue a degree, but it has enabled me to receive the best quality education possible in criminal justice. I plan to pursue a career with the Fayetteville Police Department and am looking forward to being engaged in the community which has given so much to me.”

Over the years Loyalty Day has grown just as the university has expanded both its reach and programs. “Loyalty Day was born out of a commitment of annual support made by the Fayetteville community in 1955 when Methodist University was established. At that time, the community pledged $50,000 a year. We try to increase our goal each year. This year we have a goal of $130,000 and are hoping to surpass it through the overwhelming support of our community.” Lee said.

For more information contact Lee at 630-7169. To donate visit the website www.methodist.edu/advancement/loyalty.htm “We print the Loyalty Day thank you advertisement in the paper in April and usually conclude our campaign follow-up by the end of March,” says Lee.

Photo: Over the years Loyalty Day has grown just as the University has expanded both its reach and programs. 

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