03-20-13-ftcc.gifAre you math phobic? Do you cringe when someone wants you to figure the amount of a tip or taxes? People avoid math like the plague with the common refrain, “I’m just not good at math!”

You don’t have to learn about the Etruscans to study the Civil War; you don’t need to know how to diagram a sentence to study poetry. However, math is different; math builds on itself. Without a strong base, the upper stories of your math ability are a little shaky.

Many students seeking admission to Fayetteville Technical Community College’s academic programs need to strengthen their mathematical skills. developmental mathematics courses are a key component of the college’s “open-door” admissions policy.

Developmental mathematics courses offer students an opportunity to improve their mathematical and problem-solving skills, which will prepare them to enter the curriculum of their choice with a better probability of success.

In an effort to better serve students who require developmental math courses, the North Carolina Community College System has redesigned the developmental math curriculum across the state. Students can now complete the curriculum sooner with an individualized plan to meet each student’s need.

FTCC will offer these developmental classes with two options of delivery: (1) face-to-face delivery where students attend regular class meetings for one hour each day (Monday through Friday) and (2) customizable learning, where students work at their own pace in a computer lab setting with an instructor present to facilitate learning. These approaches will allow for quicker completion time of developmental coursework, and this will allow students to complete their degree in a shorter period of time.

Along with these new developmental classes, a new placement test has been created. This test will allow students to be more accurately placed in the coursework appropriate to their skill level.

The new developmental math curriculum at FTCC may not solve all of your math anxiety, but the redesigned developmental curriculum should make it easier to complete the math courses needed in order to enter your chosen program of study. FTCC will offer Developmental courses starting fall of 2013.

For those students who aspire to obtain a four-year university degree, allow FTCC to provide the solid foundation for these plans with one of our college transferable, two-year associate degrees. We offer the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and Associate in Fine Arts degrees, all of which are accredited and covered by the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement for smooth transition to a University of North Carolina System school. FTCC truly provides education for life.

Photo: Developmental mathematics courses offer students an opportunity to improve their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

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