Sunday, April 21, 2013 will be a day to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes … 4.75 miles to be exact. The 2013 Walk MS: Sandhills will be held at Honeycutt Park on 352 Devers St. in Fayetteville. 04-17-13-ms-walk.gif

On this day, people will come together and join one another in a walk with the common goal of putting an end to multiple sclerosis. Affecting more than 13,500 people in the Carolinas alone, multiple sclerosis is a disease in which significant damage is done to the myelin sheath around the body’s nerves, thus negatively affecting the brain and spinal cord. With an opening ceremony at 1:30 p.m. and a route of nearly five miles, the walk will be held with the intentions to unite those who bravely stand against the disease and to raise $65,000 for research funding. Whether suffering from the disease or showing support for the fight against it, all are welcome to take part in this common goal.

This walk is one of 13 that the National MS Society hosts in the spring. During the fall, they host two biking events with the same goal. This generous organization, believe it or not, operates as a nonprofit. They understand that funding is a very important part of pursuing their goals and sincerely appreciate all who support the cause.

The money that is raised through their efforts goes to support critical funding for a variety of programs and services. Including those in the Tar Heel state, the National MS Society serves more than 14,000 people across the United States. Being good stewards of money, a generous portion of funding that the National MS Society receives is used to the benefit of those suffering. Going a step even further with their money, the organization funds research efforts along with several programs to help progress the unending and noble quest to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Monica Tierney of the National MS Society said that she appreciates all of the support that is shown in the Fayetteville area with regards to finding an end to multiple sclerosis. With a personal connection to multiple sclerosis in her own life, she joined the organization and hasn’t looked back. Seeing hundreds of people coming out and showing their dedication to the cause, Tierney is humbled to see just how far the organization has come. As well, she encourages everyone to come out and show support.

For those who would like to be a part of the walk, you can go to the National M.S. Society’s website and find the page for Fayetteville’s walk. From there, you will find several ways to get involved including donating to the cause, volunteering, joining or even starting a team to walk. The National MS Society encourages people to get involved in several of their programs and walks. If a great journey begins with a single step, then the greatest will begin when everyone steps together in unity.

Be the difference in someone’s life because the life that you save could be your own. Go to www.nationalmssociety.org for more information.

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