05-15-13-hercules-steel.gifHercules Steel Company is a steel supplier and fabrications business in the City of Fayetteville that has served the community for the past 50 years.

The company got its start in 1954 when the construction industry was booming. Military bases including Fort Bragg and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, N.C., were being developed and Hercules Steel had a chance to provide steel to build these installations. There were slow downs with construction in the ‘60s and pick-ups in the ‘70s only leading to another period of slow work. But the dry periods didn’t stop the company from doing what it did best and the company’s hard work paid off as it remained competitive and won bids for demanding projects.

In addition to contracting for jobs on military installations, Hercules Steel Company has made it a priority to work hard to make the community a better place, too. Some of these projects include repairing multiple schools throughout Cumberland County including Terry Sanford and Pine Forest high schools by fixing their concession stands after tornado damage. The company played a part in building the new Embassy Suites behind Toys R Us and is also involved with the Sandy Grove Elementary School in Hoke County. Hercules Steel helped install the new solar roof panels at the school allowing solar energy to be collected from the rooftops. This solar energy is used to power the school and any excess energy generated can be sold back to the power grids.

Hercules Steel is involved in more than just construction. The company also sponsors local high school basketball, football and baseball teams from Terry Sanford and Pine Forest high schools. Hercules is a company that Fayetteville can count on to be a part of moving the community forward. Claude Scott can attest to this and has seen all these projects and more unfold. Scott, the current vice president and general sales manager, has been affi liated with Hercules since 1979, though he always didn’t see himself in this position. After graduating from Douglas Byrd High School, Scott joined Hercules working with the walk-in trade and sales counter. This then led to what he wanted to see and accomplish.

“I wanted and was able to grow with the company and management team through hard work and dedication,” Scott says.

Growth is something that they also hope for the future; growth in the market share and stability in the current and upcoming economy.

“Comforting” is the word Scott describes when he talks about his experience working with a business that has been around for so long. For Scott, it is comforting that people recognize the company’s name, comforting that this long history of giving back to the community and supporting local efforts has earned the company returning customers who came in the ‘70s and then in the ‘80s and are still returning today. He also fi nds comfort in the fact that from those past relationships, Hercules Steel can be depended on for jobs and having a positive role in the area.

The fact that this company has served the area for 50 years proves they are an important part of our community’s economic success. Find out more about Hercules Steel and the projects the company supports in the community at www.herculessteelco.com.

Photo: Located on one of Fayetteville’s main thoroughfares, people pass by Her-cules Steel every day and often have no idea the impact this business has on the community.

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