05-15-13-u-teck.gifU-TECK has been providing the building blocks of telecommunication for 29 years. The company manufactures and supplies specialized products and services for the telecommunication, utility, municipal and transportation industries. Simply put, it provides the building blocks for others; such as for phone companies: it doesn’t provide the actual phone, rather it provides the equipment to keep the phones running and manufactures the phones. Or, as Nan Jackson the manager of marketing at U-TECK puts it, “We don’t provide a ladder, but we supply the rungs.”

Jackson has been with the company for the past 10 years and has had the opportunity to see it develop into the close-knit company it is today.

“Ten years ago, the telecommunications industry went through a major reorganization and that affected U-TECK,” she said.

The company took on that challenge by creating a solid presence in new markets. The last six years has been a time of change in the company. Jackson continued, “We’ve grown so much through a team leader, ownership approach to success that allows everyone a voice in shaping our company. We go into each year with specific goals, work the plan and have enjoyed continued growth through continued product development and new marketing efforts.”

This growth is not the only thing that has helped U-TECK become so successful. Both Jackson and current president, Linda Hoppman, know the key to what makes them stand out. It’s the fact that customers can come to them and they can develop the criteria to create the product.

“The collaboration with suppliers and new product development gives these solutions to the customers. It’s the key to being a solution company.” Jackson stated.

There are unique solutions for cable management, ergonomics for technicians, safety applications and more. A signifi cant special solution product that has been recently created is the WeedEnder Vegetation Control System. This product was specified by the New York Department of Transportation and installed last spring to help control unwanted vegetation growth under 22 miles of cable barrier in the median on the Long Island Expressway. It was placed in New York before hurricane Sandy and after the storm blew through it never moved an inch! The product is available in other states including California, Washington and New Jersey.

The unique process that makes WeedEnder so effective is that it deprives the weed’s root system of sunlight but does allow water and nutrients to fi lter through; this prevents erosion by keeping the root system alive. The minimization of erosion provides visibility along guardrails, cable barriers, beautifi cation sites, billboards, exit-ramp signs and speed-limit signs. WeedEnder is also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use any herbicides or harmful chemicals but still gets the job done. If there is a road next to the lake, the water running through will not be harmed. It is made of 100 percent recyclable materials, is fire retardant and has a 15-year guarantee warranty. This is just one of the many innovative products U-TECK manufactures and designs.U-TECK enjoys being involved with the community. The company’s employees are encouraged to volunteer and participate in local charitable efforts. U-TECK supports the Fisher House on Fort Bragg, recently donating $5,000. Also, for the past four years, it has been a part of the Women’s Business Enterprise Council.

For Jackson and Hoppman, choosing to be in Fayetteville wasn’t a hard decision and they couldn’t have it any better. “Fayetteville is our home, we didn’t choose it, it chose us,” Hoppman said. Jackson added, “This is our environment and our community and that is why we continue to stay here.”

U-TECK is a unique company with products meeting specifi c needs for its customers. The employees dedicate their time and energy effectively, something no one would want to weed out! Find out more about U-TECK at www.uteck.com.

Photo: WeedEnder is one of the many unique solutions U-Teck has designed for its customers. It is used along many roadways.

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