For more than 30 years, McCune Technologies has provided the Fayetteville area with quality metal05-15-13-boon.gif fabrications. By definition, metal fabrication is “the building of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes,” but McCune Technologies does so much more. Not only does the company provide the community with quality metalworking, it supports the local people and economy, too.

For decades North Carolina was known as the manufacturing state. There was a booming economy for tobacco, cotton, furniture and jeans. David McCune, the owner for McCune technologies says, “Hope Mills and Massey Hill used to be mill towns. There were 25 cotton mills in the area. There was all kinds of manufacturing here.”

Sadly, like with the rest of the country, the area’s economy has taken a hit in recent years and manufacturing has suffered.

McCune has a unique perspective on the economy of the area. He is the owner of McCune Technologies, a company that specializes in miscellaneous steel fabrication; he is on the board of trustees for Fayetteville Technical Community College, on the board of directors for CEED and a chairperson on the Cumberland County workforce board. When asked about the local economy he says, “We need more industry. Of course, we are thankful for the industry that is here, but we need more. There used to be 13,000 or 14,000 manufacturing jobs in the area. Now there are 5,000 or 6,000 jobs. This is the harsh reality of the area, but we are very thankful for the manufacturing that is still here. This area has a great demographic for manufacturing.”

Despite the losses that the community has faced in recent years, it has also made tremendous progress. Fayetteville is continuously growing and developing into a center of arts and commerce, and the upcoming changes to the area can only serve to improve the community even more.

“Within North Carolina, Fayetteville is the perfect location. It is close to the beach and the mountains, right next to I-95 and I-40. There is huge potential for tremendous growth in Cumberland County. There is a new transportation facility in downtown, and downtown itself has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. We have the largest community college in the state, and one of the largest in the nation,” said McCune. “Methodist University is growing, and Fayetteville State is growing, and Ft. Bragg is a great asset to the community. The only thing our area is lacking is manufacturing.”

With all the positive changes in the community, Fayetteville will be open to the growth of new industry and manufacturing. McCune expresses this same sentiment.

“With I-95 going around Cumberland County and Fayetteville, this state will have one of the best infrastructures in the United States when it is finished,” he said. “We have a population of 300,000 and most cities that would have a road like this would be Richmond, Va., or Washington D.C. This is a tremendously positive improvement in development.”

Photo: McCune Technologies has been in business in Fayetteville for more than 30 years.

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