Finding Money for College

How many times have you thought about going to college, only to have your dreams put on hold 08-28-13-fttc.gifbecause you could not figure out how to pay for it? The information below will explain how you can turn those educational dreams into reality and offers solutions that you might explore for paying for college.

First of all, let’s compare the costs of education. Per 12 credit hours of education Fayetteville Technical Community College tuition and fees cost $903; state universities cost $3165.38; and private institutions cost $5102.

FTCC offers several college transfer options. If you graduate from FTCC with a two-year college transfer degree and have met the requirements of our statewide agreement with the university system, you will enter the university as a first-semester junior. As you can see, FTCC is your affordable alternative for your first two years of college.

With that said, how do you pay for classes at FTCC? Take a moment to consider your options below.

Grants: Grant funds are generally given based on financial need. Students do not have to pay back any grant funds received.

Scholarships: Scholarship funding is given to students based on different criteria, such as need, merit, or other specific requirements. Students do not have to pay back scholarship funds.

William D. Ford Loans: Loans disbursed through the William D. Ford Loan Program help provide students with financial funding for education, but students must pay back the loan money which incurs interest.

Payment Plan: FTCC offers a payment plan that breaks up the cost of college into a series of four payments.

Short-term loans: FTCC offers to students who are applying for financial aid but have not yet completed the entire financial aid process a short-term loan, which must be paid back.

Employer Grants: Inquire with your employer about employer help with funding for your education. Many employers consider helping their employees with education expenses a worthwhile expense because employees’ job skills will become enhanced or upgraded through education.

Private loans: Students can easily access a listing of providers of private educational loans through an Internet search. Remember, loans are monies that must be paid back, and loans incur interest.

Workforce Development: The Workforce Development Center is a service provided through the state of North Carolina that will pay tuition for individuals who are trying to upgrade their workforce skills. http://www.faytechcc.edu/institutional_effectiveness/wfdfrequentlyaskedquestions.aspx

Centralized Tuition Military Assistance: Many active duty soldiers qualify for tuition assistance. Check with your educational officer to see how you qualify.

Veteran’s Benefits: If you are a veteran or the dependent of a veteran, you may qualify for certain benefits to include the payment of tuition and fees. For more information, visit the FTCC veteran’s website at: http://www.faytechcc.edu/veterans_services.

Clubs, Organizations and Churches: Many clubs, organizations, and churches offer scholarship programs.

Would you like to know more about the options above? Visit the FTCC Financial Aid Website at www.faytechcc.edu/financial_aid/types_of_aid.aspx. Act now to ensure that you have completed the necessary steps to pay for college. FTCC is pleased to serve and be your school of choice!

Photo: Finding money for college might be easier than you think.

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