09-04-13-ladies-power-lunch.gifWomen have been the heart and soul of society since its beginning. Whether it’s a mother who lovingly gives wisdom and direction for life’s journey or a wife who is a constant source of strength through trials, every successful man has a strong woman guiding him as he makes his mark on the world. Now, more and more, women are making their marks as well.

Join the third annual Fayetteville Ladies’ Power Lunch on Sept. 12 and Dec. 12 at the Embassy Suites located at 4760 Lake Valley Drive in Fayetteville. This event is for every woman! If you own your own business, are a homemaker or selflessly give your time and energy to children with developmental disorders, you are cordially invited to be a part of this power lunch. The event organizers respectfully request that only women attend.

The purpose of this event is to encourage every woman to continue making a positive difference in the lives of others and the city of Fayetteville. With 20 to 25 vendors on site, opportunities to network professionally and to shop will be provided. Mothers of children with developmental disorders will be honored, as well. These women are affectionately referred to as “SHeroes.” Being honored as well at the event will be a special selection of women known as the “Golden Girls.” This elite group will be comprised of those who have helped other women achieve success in life and represent all mothers. It is women like this that make this event possible.

Driving this event is President of the Fayetteville Ladies’ Power Lunch and CEO of Fayetteville Hyperbarics, Denise Mercado. She conceived the idea of the lunch from one similarly done in the Triangle area.

When speaking about the event, Mercado said, “It’s very unique and is sponsored by women, for women.”

It is her belief that women have just as much to contribute to our economy as men. The value of women in our society is all too often understated and The Fayetteville Ladies’ Power Lunch hopes to help change that.

Speaking at this event will be women of note. On Sept. 12, Denise Bennett will be the guest speaker. A highly sought after voice of influence throughout the state and beyond, Bennett is the author of Chosen Seed: from Mustard Seed to Abundance and is a member of the National Speakers Association and Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women Board of Directors. Her words promise to be enlightening and insightful for women of all walks of life.

Speaking in December will be television personality and Fayetteville native, Nicole Carr. With experience from ABC 11’s Eyewitness team, WECT in Wilmington and WTVF in Nashville, Carr knows what it takes to be a successful woman in the public eye. She shares a strong passion for military families and described herself as an Army Brat.

Come and join other successful women and celebrate the courage and entrepreneurial spirit of all local women at the Fayetteville Ladies’ PowerLunch. For more information, contact Karen Estep at (910) 920-1165.

Photo: In September and December, Fayetteville women have the opportunity to celebrate their success at the  Women’s Power Lunch.

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