11-06-13-ftcc-health.gifFayetteville Technical Community College is far more than just a college. It provides the community with so many different opportunities that are about more than just art and education. One such service that FTCC provides to the community is the How Healthy Are You? Wellness is Vital Event. This event provides the people of the community, who may not be able to otherwise, an opportunity to check just how healthy they really are.

This is the 2nd Annual Wellness is Vital Event and it brings several different health services to the campus so that they are available to the community. The event is open to the public and can provide many with much needed testing and services for physical and mental health.

The first kind of service offered at this event is screenings. Screenings are used to find diseases that people may have though they do not have signs or symptoms yet. Screenings can also identify risk factors that can be managed for preventative health.

Many of the problems associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be prevented or managed with lifestyle changes and early knowledge. This is the reason that medical screenings are so important. While participating in the event, community members can get blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and mental health screenings.

The blood pressure and cholesterol screenings will help to gauge cardiovascular health.The blood sugar screening will detect diabetes and the mental health screening will identify possible mental disorders.

Once the screenings are conducted, counseling is offered. Mental health is an important piece to overall health, but that is not the only purpose that counseling serves. Counseling gives people the tools they need to deal with whatever struggles they may face, and the most important tool is knowledge. Many diseases can be managed or prevented with the right lifestyle, and counseling can advise patients as to what lifestyle will be most beneficial. Counseling is available for cardiovascular health, substance abuse and healthy eating.

The Wellness is Vital Event will also offer flu shots, family planning, fitness assessments, dental health, smoking cessation, HIV testing and resources for the uninsured. All of these services are important for preventative health and most of all to assess the health of participants. Being healthy is important for everyone, regardless of circumstances, and this event is a testament to this idea.

This event is possible thanks to a partnership that reaches across the community. FTCC, Southern Regional Area Health Education Center, Better Health, Walgreens, Cumberland County Health Department, Planned Parenthood, Cumberland Health Net and Alliance Behavior Healthcare are all involved in the Wellness is Vital Event and are bringing health to the community.

The event is open to the public and is scheduled for Nov. 13 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and on Nov.14 from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. For more information, visit FTCC’s website www.faytechcc.edu or call 678-8372.

Photo: To promote good health, FTCC presents  How Healthy Are You? Wellness is Vital Event on Nov. 13-14.

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