Youth for Christ will host a fundraising event to benefit the youth of the Fayetteville community on 02-19-14-youth-for-christ.gifFeb. 28. The event is set to take place at New Life Center, Haymount United Methodist Church.

The event features Bob Stromberg, a clean comedian and inspirational speaker who grew up in the Allegheny Mountains of rural Pennsylvania. He has traveled the world starring in the megahit theatrical production Triple Espresso; a production that can only be described as a highly-caffeinated comedy. Triple Espresso has been seen by nearly two million people in dozens of cities ranging from Seattle to the West End of London, and has become the longest running stage production in the history of San Diego, Minneapolis and the entire state of Iowa. Stromberg is also known for his many appearances on the award winning TV comedy Bananas.

“Stromberg has done this kind of work with Youth for Christ chapters throughout the country,” said John McIntyre, executive director at Youth for Christ. “He’s a comedian by trade, but what’s neat is the reason he likes to work with Youth for Christ chapters is that when he was a young man, people came in and helped influence his life. So this is part of his story.”

Aside from the theatrical productions and TV comedy shows Stromberg is featured in, he is known for several books such as Finding the Magnificent in Lower Mundane, the award winning, beautifully illustrated family story The Miracle at Stinky Bay and the best selling Why Geese Fly Farther Than Eagles. Stromberg has been delighting audiences of all ages with his perfect blend of standup, story and shtick for more than 30 years. He’s always clean and his presentation is a disarming healthy blend of knee-slapping comedy and a whole lot of wholesome encouragement.

“This event is a fundraiser,” said McIntyre. “We are nonprofit and we exist on the generosity of folks who love the mission and really get behind it. This event is a neat way to say, ‘Thank you,’ to those people who give, and it’s going to be a solid hour of comedy, man.”

“This guy is hilarious. We want folks to have a good time. We want people that don’t know about us to hear about us — and hear about some good things that are happening and feel good about supporting it.”

“A lot of events are built around personality or groups, depending on what those people are known for,” said McIntyre. “Like when the Crown brought in Bill Cosby, or when people go see other comedians or whatever show they go see. There’s something that they know they’re going for, and Bob is one of the few comedians who has a similar heart [as Bill Cosby] and wants to support the mission of Youth for Christ.”

“We love this kind of event and we hope to make this event an annual one,” said McIntyre. “We’ll obviously need to rotate comedians because people want to see different acts, but as people have the same mindset, the same heart and the same purpose — we’ll see how it goes as we move forward.”

Tickets are on sale now! For more information, or to purchase tickets, go to www.yfcfay.org, or call (910) 433-5630.

Photo: Comedian Bob Stromberg is set to perform at  Haymount United Methodist Church on Feb. 28.

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