10-08-14-kaleo.gifKaleo Supports Inc. is a company dedicated to assisting people with intellectual or developmental disabilities through the often difficult process of receiving much-needed assistance and services. The idea behind this organization is simple — people matter. The results are incredible and life changing. One of the ways that they do this is through presentations on relevant challenges. On Oct. 14, Lisa Grafstein will present “Where Do You Work?”

“Where Do You Work?” is a presentation focused on the facts and myths of how working may or may not impact Social Security and Medicaid. Grafstein, the keynote speaker, is an attorney with the Disability Rights Center of North Carolina and has abundant experience with these sorts of issues. Understanding the legal requirements with federal benefits can get tricky. It is often complicated and full of red tape. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible however, and Grafstein will help to simplify the problems. This program will help to enable people to make well-informed decisions on how to handle and optimize their benefits options.

Kaleo Supports began in 2007 as a project between Nancy Szymkowiak and Karen Cambell. The two worked tirelessly to successfully to get Szymkowiak’s daughter into regular programs at school and church. Campbell, is no longer with the program, but the inspiration and passion that began with their teamwork is still very present within the company. The work that they do is life changing. They help to guide people to much-needed help and support that truly makes a difference in their quality of life.

It all began with an incredibly personal case, so they are intimately familiar with the stress and challenges that families face with these problems. This personal experience allows them to treat every single client with the respect and compassion that they deserve and face each case with a zeal that can be found nowhere else.

Kaleo Supports offers many different services, but each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the individual such as supported employment, personal care services and respite care. There are eligibility requirements and anyone interested in their services should make an appointment by calling 630-2255.

The company also has a profound appreciation for the power of information. Dealing with governmental organizations doesn’t need to be difficult or scary. Information places the power in the consumer’s hand and makes a big difference when searching for support. In addition to hosting informational events such as “Where Do You Work?”, the website also has a page full of links concerning common organizations used by people seeking help. This can be found at www.kaleosupports.com/index.php/links.

“Where Do You Work?” is at Southview Baptist Church, 4089 Elk Road, Hope Mills. Dinner is at 5:30 p.m., reservations are required. No reservations are required for the presentation, which begins at 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.kaleosupports.com or call 630-2255.

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