Do you know what Esse Quam Videri means? Can you recite the state toast? And what’s so important about the Longleaf Pine? If you know the answers to those questions, you might be just who the Cape Fear Historical Complex is looking for.
    {mosimage}On Thursday, Sept. 25, The Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex will sponsor the first annual North Carolina Quiz Bowl. The event designed to test your knowledge of North Carolina history will be held in the museum’s multipurpose room.
    “In the past the museum has done a Civil War Quiz Bowl which has been very popular,” said Catherine Beach, the curator of research for the museum. “There are a number of contestants, as well as their supporters, who participate in the event.”
    Beach explained that while the Civil War Quiz Bowl focuses solely on the Civil War, this event will focus on North Carolina history and trivia. She noted that many people may not think of trivia — like what is the state dog — as history, but she maintains it is. She explained it tells a story about our state and its people.
    “Somebody with a good knowledge of North Carolina history would be the ideal contestant,” she noted. “We want to get them excited and to test their knowledge. With the Civil War Quiz Bowl, we have had high school students who have been very sharp and accurate and who have done very well in the quiz bowl.”
    She added that if your knowledge of our state’s past isn’t up to par, you can come and cheer on the contestants and pick up some interesting knowledge along the way. “A lot of people watch Jeopardy just for the knowledge they get from the questions,” she said.
    The event, which begins at 7 p.m., is free for all contestants and spectators, and all ages are welcome to participate.
    The North Carolina Quiz Bowl is limited to 20 participants. If you are interested in participating, call at (910) 486-1330 to pre-register. Registration is also available at the door and will continue until all 20 slots are filled.
    Categories for the North Carolina Quiz Bowl will include Civil War history, sports, higher education and more. Prizes will be awarded to the top contestants. This event promises to be a family-friendly, educational evening about North Carolina history. For more information or to register, call Jim Brisson at (910) 486-1330.

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