Fayetteville Urban Ministry (FUM) kicked off its annual Holiday Honor Card event on Friday, Nov. 14, at the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County.
    “There is hope in the Cards,” said event chair P.R. Moss, a Fayetteville attorney. “A purchase of a Holiday Honor Card — for just $5 — will help Fayetteville Urban Ministry fill the needs of those less fortunate in our community, by providing food and clothing, teaching adults to read, making emergency home repairs and mentoring our troubled youth. This year, it is especially crucial to help Urban Ministry help our community.”
    Twenty years ago artist William Mangum’s introduction to the plight of homelessness came about at a Hardees restaurant when he was asked for money. Something about the man’s demeanor touched Mangum. Today as the Honor Card program celebrates its 20th anniversary Mangum feels assured this was indeed a divine meeting. “The Honor Card has inspired some amazing paintings that share a subtle message about the need to support those that have stumbled along life’s journey,” said Mangum.
    The Honor cards are $5 each, and can be purchased at Fayetteville Urban Ministry, The Fayetteville Observer, Always Flowers by Crenshaw (Westwood), The New Deli (Valleygate Dr.), Edward McKay Bookstore, Northwood Temple Thrift Store and Kindred Hearts(Franklin St.). They are also available at www.fayurbmin.org
     For more information, contact Fayetteville Urban Ministry at 910-483-5944.

    The City Solid Waste Department is once again at your disposal with the annual loose-leaf pickup season. Round 1 hangtag schedules have been distributed. Round 1 pickup runs through Dec. 18. Round 2 of loose leaf season comes later.
    The hangtags were placed on household trash cart-handles for citizens to view easily and take inside for reference. A recommended place to keep the hangtag is on your refrigerator.{mosimage}
    Leaf season allows for unbagged leaves and pine straw to be picked up curbside. Citizens should follow these instructions when bagging up their leaves and pine straw:
    •Rake your leaves and pine straw curbside by day prior to your pickup date. Place your leaves and pine straw on the top of the curb away from storm drains and out of the road. Bad weather may cause delays
    •Leaves and pine straw only - no tree limbs.
     You do not have to wait for loose-leaf season to have your leaves and pine straw collected. If you put your leaves out in sturdy bags or containers on your regular yarddebris day, they will be picked up weekly.     This also helps keep leaves out of the storm drains.
    During loose-leaf season, citizens can pick up trash bags at any recreation center or fire station. Citizens can purchase a brown roll-out cart for $56.45. The City can deliver it to your house for $11.25 or you can pick it up at the Solid Waste Department at 455 Grove Street.
    Citizens can read the guidelines and view the leaf season schedule by their zip code on www.cityoffayetteville.org/leafseason. Another hangtag is available by clicking on Hangtag Brochure. For more information, call 433-1FAY.

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