They’ve only been there a matter of weeks, but Enrique Castaneda and Juan Macias Jr. are excited to have the doors of Via 216 open and to serve the customers who have been enjoying a meal and/or drink with them. 12-30-bar-and-grill-2-men.jpg

Located in the former home of the Broadstreet Cafe at 216 Tallywood Shopping Center, Via 216 boasts a full bar complete with 27 different beers on tap, a pool room, a dance floor and several televisions with more on the way. What the owners want you to remember though is the great food and friendly atmosphere — and the good time that you had at their bar and grill.

Castaneda and Macias Jr. are both veterans of the restaurant business.

“My dad owns MiCasita. I’ve been working for him for years and I wanted to branch out and start something new,” said Macias.

“I am trying to have my own thing here. “I worked for my dad for the longest time and then Enrique came in and opened up a new world for me. He showed me that it is not just serving people and giving them drinks and food and taking their money — it is actually enjoying what you do and giving a different aspect of what you put into the work. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than people would expect.”

A friend of the Macias family since 1995, Casteneda was one of the owners of the Trio Cafe before he moved to Atlanta to expand his culinary reperatoire.

“We've talked for years about doing something,” said Castaneda.

“It was a little hard for me to move back here but we also have some friends here who said ‘Come on Enrique we can really do something here in Fayettevile...now we have this. It is not too fancy, but we have a good presentation and good food at a good price.”

The menu boasts not just standard pub fare, but also a few unique items and many of the old time favorites have been given a new spin in what Castaneda calls New American Fare.

“We are bringing to Fayetteville new American Food. What it is, is the regular stuff that you grew up with but stronger flavor,” said Castenada.

“Maybe you can see that we have ribs but we have the chipotle barbecue sauce. We added the peppers and bring the Latin flavor to it.”

If you aren’t up for a late night, Macias pointed out that they are open for lunch and have a “Fast Via Lunch” menu that includes kid friendly options too. He also pointed out that everything is made fresh daily — from scratch.

“It is a nice, big place people can enjoy,” said Macias.

“We are putting alot of effort into making sure everything looks good and that this place has something special.”

For more information stop by or give them a call at 486-7832.

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