08-31-11-nurse.jpgSome call it a Bridge Program; others call it an Advanced Placement Option. Whatever the name, here’s a great opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to continue their nursing educa-tion to become Registered Nurses with an associ-ate’s degree. Why would LPNs want to continue their nursing education? There are a number of reasons. With many changes in the health care industry, today’s nurses are caring for patients in a more complex, technologically advanced medi-cal environment. The job market for LPNs and the opportunity for advancement are limited. Nursing homes, doctor’s offices, clinics and limited hospital opportunities are available for the LPN entering the nursing profession today. An LPN can advance to the next level of nursing professionalism by be-coming a registered nurse.

FTCC has had an advanced placement option for many years. However, the program has been revamped with the implementation of the new curriculum implemented by all North Carolina community colleges. FTCC implemented its new curriculum in the fall of 2010. The revamped Advanced Placement Option will be offered for the first time in the summer semester of 2012. The program will continue to be three semesters in length. Students entering the new program, however, will be a separate cohort from the students already in the program. They will enroll in three nursing courses: Nursing 214 Transition Concepts, Nursing 221 LPN to ADN Concepts I and Nursing 223 LPN to ADN Concepts II. The unique feature of the new program is that it is mostly online with evening clinical options. The online offering will make the program more conveniently accessible for the LPN who works while enrolled in the program.

Applicants wanting to apply to the program must have at least 3,600 hours of work experience as an LPN. Applicants must also have completed all the prerequisites for the nursing program including chemistry, biology and Algebra I and take the TEAS test V. The applicant must also meet all college admission requirements. Applicants should apply by the Jan. 30 deadline for all health programs and must have completed all co-requisites up to the point of entry into the nursing program. This would include ACA, English 111, Psychology 150 and 241, and Biology 168 and 169. The student may be enrolled in the computer course required for the program during the summer starting the program. It is anticipated that there will be many applicants seeking admission during the first ad-mission cycle, so applicants will do well to position themselves competitively prior to the admissions process by completing all co-requisites. Applicants will be ranked according to grade point average and number of courses completed. The Biology 168 and 169 courses must be completed within the past five years and the computer class must be completed within the past seven years. Seating for the first class is limited to 20 students. The nursing faculty members at FTCC are excited about the opportunity to make this goal more achievable for LPNs who are in-terested in advancing their careers in nursing to the next level. Let us help you make that important career advancement!

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Photo: With many changes in the health care industry, today’s nurses are caring for patients in a more complex, technologically advanced medical environment. 

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