Summer 2012 is right around the corner, and it will usher in the fourth master’s level program at Methodist University. The Master of Education Program at Methodist will begin its first class June 11, with an exciting new program designed for today’s working and busy classroom teachers. Our Master of Education Program is especially looking for teachers who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the K-12 areas of reading or special education. These two subjects were chosen as degree concentrations to complement our current program and increase teaching expertise in these vital areas.

When we were building our program, we gathered a group of school partners for professional input in the program’s development, including principals, teachers, central office staff and Methodist education candidates. The various school personnel came from Sampson, Harnett, Cumberland and Hoke counties, as well as Fort Bragg Schools. The teachers had either recently complet-ed a master’s level program or were experienced master teachers. Together, the group made up our Professional Community Committee.

Looking carefully at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Graduate Standards, the PCC dis-cussed what a master teacher should know and be able to do. We also discussed the new North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Instrument and process. We felt strongly that teachers graduating from a Master of Education Program should have the knowledge, skills and dispositions neces-sary to extend themselves as leaders in the classroom and beyond. Additionally, the PCC discussed student assessment data and how to use it to impact teaching and learning.

We very much wanted to ensure that our course offerings were relevant to today’s teachers. A good example is how we approached the Instructional Technology class. Teachers must be familiar with the tools of technology, but they also need to know how to integrate them into their teaching and give students hands-on experience with these techno-logical advancements. 05-23-12-methodist article.jpg

As recruitment efforts have geared up for the Term II summer start date, applicants have been pleased with the program’s schedule. Teachers can finish the program in two full years, which includes two summers. During the summer, classes will be face-to-face on campus, fol-lowed by a blend of occasional on-campus sessions and online courses in the fall and winter semesters. The hybrid classes fit into a teacher’s busy schedule, but still provide useful professional interaction.

Applicants are also happy about our convenient location. Methodist University serves the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg and surrounding area counties. Applicant Yasmeen Robins said she decided to apply to the program partly because of the proximity of the university to both her home and school.

More importantly, she said her colleagues who are grad-uates of the Methodist undergraduate education program speak highly of their experience at the university. They talk about their training, the strong faculty and staff, and the support they received.

Each professional who is motivated to further his/her education and to be a lifelong learner has usually been influenced by a mentor in his/her profession or communi-ty. Each of us has the opportunity to encourage that pro-fessional who will continue to grow and learn and make a difference in the life of our students and community. In keeping with the Methodist vision, we want to continue to engage, enrich, and empower today’s teachers, as we all strive for rigor, relevance and excellence in our profession.

For more information, contact Sue Godwin at 910.630.7060 or

Photo: Master of Education Program is espe-cially looking for teachers who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the K-12 areas of reading or special education. 

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