08-28-13-take-your-yard-back.gifAnyone who has spent a season in North Carolina knows that mosquitoes are hardly scarce in the region. It is not an unfamiliar situation that as the sun starts to set and the sky erupts with colors, the beauty of the night may be corrupted by the eruption of mosquitoes. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. There is a company dedicated to helping families reclaim their yards from the bloodsucking pests, The Mosquito Squad.

Paul Reinhardt, the owner of Mosquito Squad in Fayetteville, has a passion for getting rid of mosquitoes. He says that it is important to control these pests.

“There is a rampant outbreak and the mosquitoes are one of the deadliest predators on earth. Their bites result in more than 2 million deaths a year,” he said.

Female mosquitoes bite humans in order to get the blood they need for their reproductive cycle. Unfortunately, besides leaving itchy annoying bumps, these attacks can also lead to the spread of diseases such as the West Nile Virus and Malaria.

On the Mosquito Squad website there are many do-it-yourself tips such as removing standing water and planting catnip, citronella or a few other plants that mosquitoes naturally hate. If that is not enough to protect a yard, calling a mosquito elimination expert is the next best thing to do.

There are several options for yard treatments such as barrier sprays which last for an average of 21 days, misting systems, which periodically mist foliage with bug repellent and even all-natural options that can be applied every 14 days. For special events like weddings, the Mosquito squad can also apply a 24-48 hour barrier spray with added repellents for stinging insects before guests arrive to ensure a pest free day.

“When we come out to spray a yard, 90 percent of mosquitoes will be eliminated and families will be able to enjoy their yard again,” Reinhardt said.

There are many advantages to having an entire yard protected as opposed to layering on bug spray before every outing.

“It is healthier than applying chemicals directly to the body. The spray is put on the surrounding foliage and it is healthier and more effective. It allows people to use the outdoors again and it greatly reduces the chance of disease.” Reinhardt explains.

Though it is especially designed to kill mosquitoes, the bug spray applied to gardens and yards gets rid of many other pests as well. Ticks are another major disease-spreading pest that can be eliminated from homes. Known to cause Lyme Disease and other diseases, ticks causes serious health issues in tens of thousands of people each year. These parasitic arachnids are common in any wooded or grassy area, but can be eliminated with the use of a barrier spray or misting system. The Mosquito Squad has more tips on how to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks on the website.

For more information or to schedule a visit from the mosquito squad visit or call 910-779-2656.

Photo: The Mosquito Squad is a local company that can get rid of what bugs you.

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