14GetEdHope Mills is a beautiful town. It has a beautiful recreation center and park. It has an awardwinning fire department. It has a police station that engages with the community through programs like “Shop with a Cop” for children. And the people — We have awesome people in our town. They are giving and supportive. Some of those people help maintain this wonderful town. The question is, how much do you know about our town leaders, fire department, police department, recreation center, etc?

There is so much information, true.  But it is important to know about the town in which you reside.  The best way is through the Hope Mills Citizens Academy. It’s held every Thursday until Oct. 19. Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. 

The Hope Mills Citizens Academy will teach you about its first responders and the infrastructure of the Hope Mills police and fire departments. You will also learn about the duties of our mayor, commissioners, town manager and town attorney. They all play vital roles that help maintain the safety and the growth plan of our town. They even make plans that affect details like how our traffic will flow. 

The Citizens Academy also provides information about the local library and recreation center. Each one has different programs that pertain to all citizens. In addition to what I’ve mentioned, so much more about our town will be taught.

This isn’t your ordinary Citizens Academy where you sit and listen and possibly get sleepy. Oh no. This one is interactive. Remember the field trips in school? That’s right. We get to go on field trips. We will go to the fire department and the recreation center, just to name two destinations on the list. Deputy Town Clerk Deborah Holland believes in hands-on learning and wants each student to remember what he or she learns by seeing it first-hand.

It’s worth investing your time in this program. Hope Mills is a town of approximately 16,000.

It’s important to know which organizations provide what programs that will benefit its citizens. It’s important to know who your government leaders are and what vital roles they play to help maintain our town. 

Whether you have recently moved to Hope Mills or have been here your whole life, Hope Mills Citizens Academy will help you. For more information, visit

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