On Tuesday, February 9, Methodist University will hold its annual012710mc041006_0666.jpg
Loyalty Day fund drive for student scholarships. Volunteers from
throughout Fayetteville will be calling and knocking on doors to ask for your

"Loyalty Day is a long-standing tradition in the Fayetteville/
Cumberland County community that both represents the original
vision and commitment of early Fayetteville leaders in establishing an
independent four-year college here, and continues the involvement of a
broad cross-section of our community in soliciting support for our
educational mission," said Lauren Cook Wike, director of Annual
Fund and Alumni Affairs for the University. "Over the next month,

Loyalty Day Volunteers will be calling on more than 600 businesses
and individuals to ask them to support student scholarships at

Methodist, which is our most critical need."

More than 90 percent of the 2,183 students at Methodist
University receive some form of fi nancial aid or scholarship. With
state cuts in the N.C. Legislative Tuition Grant and the elimination
of the Earned Scholarship, contributions to the scholarship fund are
needed now more than ever.

"Methodist University has been a jewel in our midst for more than
half a century," expressed Margaret Dickson, 2010 Loyalty Day Chair
and N.C. State Senator. "What is so impressive about Methodist is
that is accomplishes its mission with relatively little state investment as
compared to our public universities. Though our state budget does not
allow us to support private universities at the same level as public, our
36 private universities are vital in educating North Carolina students."

For more information about Loyalty Day or Methodist University,
visit or contact the Development
Offi ce at 910-630-7200.

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