17 chop deaverWhen Terry Sanford freshman Christian “Chop” Deaver got an English assignment to write a poem about a topic he was passionate about, he didn’t have to think about his subject.

It was going to be football, as he tried to put into the words the message he’d been hearing all year long from head coach Bruce McClelland. His resulting work impressed both his English teacher, Ryann McKay, and McClelland.
“His passion for it really came out in the poem,’’ McKay said. “You could tell that he liked football and is proud to be on the team in his other writings.

“But the way he truly sees it as a brotherhood and a gift from God, all that kind of stuff, really came through in the poem itself.’’

McClelland was also impressed. “In all my years of coaching, I’ve never had a kid, especially a first-year kid, get exactly what I’m trying to say,’’ McClelland said. “Everything he said in the poem was like I was talking to him.’’
Deaver, who got his nickname "Chop" when he was around five because people told him he was thick like a porkchop, doesn’t consider himself a poet at heart.

“I care about my team and family,’’ Deaver said. “Coach Mac has stressed brotherhood a lot this season. I took that and went with it.’’

More Than A Game by Chop Deaver

It is more than a game
We come out here and we play this great game that God has blessed us with
But I don’t think we really understand how lucky we are
It is more than a game
We have an opportunity to do something great that others don’t have
There are many other teams out there sitting on their butts at home
But we don’t seem to notice them
You know why?
Because no one notices people who don’t win
We are winners
It’s more than a game
Everyone is dreaming in their sleep about wanting to be a bulldog
Being a bulldog is something special
We have some of the best talent in the county, no, we have some of the best talent in the state
And we take it for granted
Terry Sanford has been blessed with a tradition of winning
It’s more than a game
People have worked their tail off in the past to allow us to be great
All these coaches come out here and leave their families at home to help you
Because we love you like you are our own kid
It is more than a game
This is a brotherhood that not many people are allowed to say they are a part of
It should mean something to you
I’m going to give you my all
And all I want in return is yours
Because if not
We are going to join the couch club
And be dreaming of other teams in our sleep
It is more than a game
I can’t stress how much I want this for you guys
Play for someone this Friday
Play for these seniors who have grinder for four years
Play for your parents who sacrifice a lot for you
Play for your brothers sitting next to you
Cause we are all one big family
And this is football
It is more than a game

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