14Grab your sneakers, popcorn and favorite beer! Get ready to sprint down memory lane because Run Lola Run aka in German “Lola rennt” aka “Lola Runs” is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the Cameo Art House Theatre for one week! Released in 1998, director Tom Tykwer's cult classic is still racing through the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Run Lola Run is this summer’s nostalgic hot pick and actually inspired the opening of our favorite downtown cinema.
Maybe you remember that feeling of pure exhilaration the first time you watched Lola, played by Franka Potente, dash through the streets of Berlin, Germany? With her fiery red hair and unstoppable determination, Lola's quest to save her boyfriend, Manni, played by Moritz Bleibtreu, is nothing short of awesome. Manni delivers some smuggled loot for his boss, Ronnie (Heino Ferch), but accidentally leaves the 100,000-mark payment on the subway. Given 20 minutes to come up with the money, he calls on Lola, who sprints through the streets of the city to try to beg the money out of her bank manager father (Herbert Knaup) and get to Manni before he does something desperate. The film's unique narrative structure gives us three alternate timelines, each starting with the same premise but unfolding in dramatically different ways based on the smallest of choices.
One of the most striking aspects of Run Lola Run is its vibrant aesthetics. Tykwer's use of split screens, animation, and rapid-fire editing keeps you on the edge of your seat. And then there's the soundtrack – the film comes with one of the best soundtracks of 90s films.
Run Lola Run was not just a hit critically and commercially, but also a phenomenon. It crashed through the barriers of conventional storytelling and brought a fresh, dynamic approach to cinema. Critics loved it, audiences couldn't get enough of it, and it scooped up awards at the Sundance Film Festival and the German Film Awards.
Chris and Nasim Kuenzel, co-owners of the Cameo Art House Theatre have a special connection to the film.
“Twenty-five years ago we were young and in Chicago,” Nasim laughs. “We decided to check out this really cool theater called the Music Box. They were showing Run Lola Run. It was beautifully done.
Great music. Great story.”
“And great animation segments,” Chris added.
The Kuenzels decided they wanted to be involved with independent films and open a theater. Both agreed that people should see the film because it makes viewers appreciate how the little things can change our lives.
“It's the quintessential independent film, " Chris remarked.
The Cameo will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as well, having opened in 2000 with one screen downstairs until they needed to expand to a second screening room upstairs, with comfy chairs and a bar area, famously called The Loge.
“It's a great time at the movies!” Chris said.
The film’s title character herself is someone who embodies determination and resilience, much like Chris and Nasim did, bringing their dream to life.
“We worked behind the scenes way before we actually opened the Cameo. We had to learn what we were doing. It took a lot of time to learn the business and after we opened, there was still a lot to learn,” Nasim added.
Chris and Nasim both agreed that they wanted to share this great film that had a huge impact on their lives and the opening of their theater.
Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the Cameo, the fancy atmosphere, fresh buttery popcorn, hundreds of sweets and adult beverages along with Lola’s race against time will have you wanting to visit again and again. Run Lola Run starts Friday, June 7 at the Cameo on Hay Street and will play for one week. Catch it while you can!

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