04-20-11-kidsville-kids-logo-.jpgWhat do Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christiana Aguilera have in common? Besides the fact that they are all absolutely gorgeous and super rich (I have decided to leave the tabloid rumors out). They were all members of the ‘90s musical performing group The Mickey Mouse Club. They all gained the confidence, style, poise and grace we see them exemplify on stage by being in a music group in their early teenage years. This is the beauty of performing arts.

Performing arts is a key component to the development of a child. Research studies have found that the “academic side of schooling only develops one side of the brain, the left side while creative arts develop the right side which is primarily responsible for the social interaction and creativity” of a child. Performing arts “help in the holistic development of a child.” Performing arts can help a child overcome shyness as well as help in their overall development.

Up & Coming Weekly’s, award-winning sister publication, Kidsville News! created the Kidsville Kids performance troupe; a performing arts troupe for young people ranging in ages 5-12 in the fall of 2009. Director, Joy Cogswell says the group strives to emulate, through singing and dancing, good moral values, literacy and leadership qualities which are the goals of Kidsville News!

The Kidsville Kids group has seen great success since its initial conception. “They have performed regularly throughout the region and in the Raleigh area” and are “fast becoming known for the excellence of their performances.”

Each year Kidsville Kids hold auditions for new performers. Auditions for the 2011-2012 group will be held on Monday and Thursday, May 23 and 24 from 6 - 8 p.m., in the choir room at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. The group is trained through the Snyder Music Academy and is directed by Jog Cogswell and choreographer, Chelsea Carey. Ages for openings vary each year, so call the Music Academy for age opening, as well as tuition information and to schedule an audition time for your child. Children who audition must sing one song, which represents their ability; and although it is not mandatory, children with dance experience are welcomed to perform a dance routine as well.

On an average, children spend at least eight hours a day in school. Often times parents feel that during those eight hours their child has received every tool they will need to success and become a great person and a successful student. Extracurricular activities are viewed as a distraction from the most important matter — academics. However, is it this “kind of thinking that leads to children who develop in a one dimensional manner.” Creative and performing arts “are equally as important in helping children to develop holistically.” The gift of music is available to everyone including children. Let’s begin to take advantage of this free gift and encourage our children to embrace the never endless possibilities of music. For more information contact Joy Cogswell at 910- 484-1041.

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