11-21-12-ftcc.gifFayetteville Technical Community College dedicated its 50th Anniversary Sculpture during the August meeting of the board of trustees. Even though the addition alone of a unique sculpture to the college landscape is grandiose, the significance of the sculpture represents even more than the aesthetic presence at the 2201 Hull Road campus.

The sculpture takes us on a journey that began with the passion and determination of Dr. Dallas Herring, known as the father of the North Carolina Community College System. Herring’s selfless public service and concern for all persons in North Carolina desiring higher education paved the way for ease of accessibility to affordable, high-quality education.

The sculpture represents a vision for our community shared by a group of local business leaders from Fayetteville in the late 1950s and early 1960s who wanted a skilled workforce to meet the needs of business and industry and increase economic development.

The sculpture represents the 50-year span of unwavering dedication and commitment of College leaders, such as Dr. John Standridge (first director), Howard Boudreau (president, 1963-1983), Dr. Craig Allen (president, 1983-1996), Dr. Linwood Powell (president, 1996-1997), Dr. Larry Norris (president, 1997-2007), Dr. Larry Keen (current president, since 2007), members of the FTCC Board of Trustees and directors of the FTCC Foundation, Inc., the caring faculty and staff members, and most of all, FTCC students in their quest for higher education and improved qualities of life.

The sculpture represents a commitment shared and embraced by the citizens and business representatives of Cumberland County and surrounding areas who turn to the community college for expedient, customized, effective employee training in response to changing technology and workforce-related needs. These citizens and business leaders, in turn, serve the college in advisory capacities, as faculty and staff members and in other ways, ensuring that FTCC’s education refl ects workforce needs and additional opportunities for higher education.

The sculpture, located in front of the Tony Rand Student Center, was designed and created by local Artist David McCune as part of the college’s anniversary celebration through the FTCC Foundation, Inc. Fifty galvanized steel pipes in various lengths and placed to form a circular, spiraling structure portray student growth in awards granted each year at FTCC over the past 50 years. The sculpture includes four glass-covered plates positioned parallel with the sidewalks around the base. Each plate contains information about the FTCC Foundation Board, Dr. Dallas Herring, FTCC historical information and information about the artist.

FTCC President Dr. Larry Keen acknowledges the special meaning to the College represented by the sculpture: “The 50th Anniversary Sculpture visually illustrates the growth in students at FTCC over the past 50years. An interesting side note is McCune’s use of a design concept for the sculpture that is often referred to in educational institutions — the concept of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The length of each pipe correlates mathematically with student growth at FTCC. It’s a visual display of how the school has served others over the past 50 years. And we at FTCC are truly honored to serve in this role that changes lives positively through education.”

As FTCC crosses the bridge from its first 50 years into the second half of the centenary, the signifi cance of the 50th Anniversary Sculpture will become increasingly more meaningful. The sculpture will gracefully weather and endure as time passes but will always project the spirit refl ective of the first 50 years, standing tall and pointing upwards with great expectations for an even brighter future.


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