16Marcis Cakes 2When people pass by Marci’s Cakes and Bakes on Trade Street in Hope Mills, owner Marci Mang fears many of them jump to an incorrect conclusion.

“A bakery experience is something everyone should be able to enjoy and not be afraid that this is going to be too expensive to take my kid there,’’ she said. “We have items that start at just $1.’’

From the most ornate wedding and special occasion cakes to cupcakes, cake pops and even healthy snacks, Mang offers the full gourmet pastry experience and even a place just to come and sip blended drinks, chat with friends or read.

Mang, a military spouse who has lived in the Hope Mills area for 20 years, took an interest in baking when she enrolled in classes through Morale Welfare Recreation to learn about making birthday cakes for her children.

That turned into work at a bakery, then making cakes on her own and, finally, opening the business at Marci’s some three years ago.

“I love making special occasion cakes for my clients,’’ she said. “I love being part of their memories and their events. We are helping to create the memories.’’

But Marci’s Cakes and Bakes isn’t just about people coming in for special orders and walking out the door. She also welcomes customers who come to the store to spend some time there.

“We have coffee, tea and frappes,’’ Mang said. “We do cold cappuccinos and blended drinks.’’

There is seating inside the business, and Wi-Fi is available. “We have a Bible study that meets here a couple of days a week,’’ she said. “We have a few realtors and photographers that meet here with clients. We encourage them to come in, sit down, bring your book and hang out.’’

All the visitors to the shop will find a variety of confectionary delights to tempt them.

“We bake every day and try to change our menu every week,’’ Mang said. “We always try to have a few gourmet cupcakes and unique brownies. I always try to have at least one pound cake and a cheesecake – cakes that everyone knows and loves – as well as cookies and bar desserts.’’

People who are health-conscious aren’t left out. Mang includes an offering of what she calls power balls that feature ingredients like chia seed, flax seed, raw honey, natural peanut butter and unsweetened coconut.

“We try to do something for everyone,’’ she said. “We have specials every day of the week.’’ Mang said she’s even willing to attempt recipes that faithful customers email to her at marcimang@gmail.com.

We’re constantly trying new recipes and definitely respecting our customers’ requests,’’ she said.

As for special orders like wedding and other cakes and large orders of cupcakes, Mang shoots for a 72-hour turnaround time. Prices begin at $24 for an 8-inch round cake and $28 for a sheet cake.

How much more expensive the cake can be depends on the specific requests of the customer, but Mang stressed prices are flexible. “If somebody comes to me and wants a quote on a cake, I’ll say let’s talk about things on it that are most important to you,’’ she said. “Then we can come up with some other ideas to cut down on what else I have.’’

For further information on the shop and what it has to offer, visit the Facebook page at Marci’s Cakes and Bakes. In addition to email, you can call Mang at the shop at 910-425-6377.

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