11F2TMovies can transport us to any place or time or culture. They engage the entire spectrum ofhuman emotions. We can laugh over life’s little failures or die a thousand deaths of heartbreak through the characters that flit across the screen. But really, we love movies because we love the shared experience.

“Frame to Table” aims to celebrate the shared experience of film culture on Friday, May 4, at 7 p.m. at SkyView on Hay. It is a fundraiser with a unique twist that will benefit the third annual Indigo Moon Film Festival.

With food and wines reminiscent of legendary movies, attendees can enjoy a “culinary trip around the world.”

Pat Wright and Jan Johnson are the co-directors of the nonprofit putting on the fundraiser, as well as the organizers of the film festival. Both agreed the inspiration for this distinctive fundraiser stems from the desire to celebrate a love of movies.

“There are certain films that are in our childhood that we love and mark moments in our lives where the family will all be gathered around the television or they all go out to a drive-in,” said Wright. “Film is very important cultural art, and we want people to remember how important film is to them and their personal history.”

Though the films and local caterers have yet to be chosen for the event, the organizers promise attendees will not be disappointed.

“It’s for movie lovers,” said Johnson. “We love decorating the tables to reflect the different ethnic areas like Italian or Vietnamese or Thai or African. There are films associated with all of those countries, so we just think it’s fun. People really enjoyed it last year.

”You can expect movies like “The King and I” for China or “Good Morning, Vietnam!” for, of course, Vietnam. Clips from the movies will play at each table chosen to represent a different country and its cuisines.

According to Wright and Johnson, the fundraiser works as a way to “ignite excitement” about the upcoming Indigo Moon Film Festival. Seeing familiar movies from the past reminds festival-goers of the brand new international films to be screened in a few months.

Last year, hundreds of people gathered to watch films submitted from all over the world. According to Wright, films have already been submitted from as far away as Afghanistan, Iraq and China this year.

The fundraiser is vital to the film festival because it provides necessary funding to bring the filmmakers to Fayetteville.

“Filmmaking is a difficult life and you often do a lot of work for not much money and very little in the way of screenings or recognition,” said Wright. “We want to do everything we can to encourage the directors to come and to be apart of the festival screening.”

In fact, last year, the Indigo Moon Film Festival was the North Carolina premiere site for the acclaimed documentary “Hondros,” featuring Chris Hondros and directed by Greg Campbell. Both were Fayetteville natives and Terry Sanford High School graduates. According to Variety, the film has gone on to be purchased by Netflix.

“We hope they have a great time (at the fundraiser), learn a little about how to attend a film festival and bring films up in their minds and remind them how much they love film,” said Wright.

Indigo Moon will accept film submissions until July 30. Categories include feature-length and short narrative and documentary films, animation and student films.

“Frame to Table” will take place at SkyView Lounge on Hay Street. Tickets are $50 per person. Visit www.indigomoonfilmfestival.com/f2t/tolearn more and to reserve your seats.

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