Who hasn’t, at some point in their life, felt like Miss Holly Golightly, the effervescent woman who is as quirky and disheveled as she is beautiful and charming? Well, perhaps we’ve each wanted to feel like Miss Audrey Hepburn as she peers into a Tiffany’s window, breakfast roll and coffee in hand, pondering life in the big city and all the glorious trinkets that could befall her. This iconic film (Breakfast at Tiffany’s for those unaware, if you’ve not seen it, go rent it!) sets the stage for the Fayetteville Museum of Art’s new fundraiser “Girls Night Out” on Jan. 30. This low ticket event allows women to shy away from the pressures of the day — men, children, job — to delight in an evening with the gals, a night of relaxation, socializing, and activities.
   {mosimage}In looking over the museum’s previous fundraising programs — it’s annual gala, the Fayetteville After Five concert series, and the Museum Miles, museum staff realized they were missing a great audience — the modern day woman. Women are constantly looking for something unique and interesting to do outside of dinner and a movie, especially in Fayetteville, as opportunities are limited. Museum staff, primarily comprised of females, questioned what would pull them off of their couches after a long week at work, devoting the majority of their energy to jobs, relationships, and lives. The opportunity to leave men and children at home and engage with other women of the community proved an enticing idea — the prospect of getting dressed up and sipping delicious cocktails an added bonus. Thus, “Girls Night Out” was born. The fundraiser is expected to be held quarterly with a modest ticket price of $35.
   Each “Girls Night Out” is themed around a female-empowering film providing a unique backdrop to the museum’s artful walls, connecting attendees to the modern art of film. Museum Assistant Director Michele Horn, when asked why the museum chose Breakfast at Tiffany’s for its first theme, replied, “Audrey’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a magnetic socialite searching for herself and finding freedom in it. Each woman coming to this party respects these ideals and likely looks to present herself in the same classy and timeless way that Holly Golightly did, despite flaws and eccentricities. This party gives the opportunity for us to do just that, to celebrate being a woman, being glamorous, while most importantly letting us have FUN.”
   Yes, F-U-N, with capital letters. The Museum plans on serving a special Breakfast at Tiffany’s cocktail (among other sophisticated beverages), food dishes themed to the movie (think breakfast pastries and Tiffany’s colored cupcakes), provide props for Golightly picture taking, have a pin-the-tail-on-the-cat game, party favors for all and a special raffle prize for one. So, ladies, as the invitation reads, “Grab your little black dress, your diamonds and pearls. It’s an evening of fun, a night with the girls. We’ll enjoy martinis, slurped so politely. We’ll party with Audrey — Miss Holly Golightly. Waste no more time, please call in a hurry. Your spot will be saved, there’s no need to worry. The 30th at 7, the curtain will rise. It’s a night for girls only, sorry no guys.”
Call (910) 485-5121 for more information or to reserve your space for “Girls Night Out.”

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