14Dancing Without Sin Fitness, LLC will be hosting their 7th Annual Health and Fitness Cancer Awareness event on September 16.. The annual event is to increase awareness about cancer -related issues, and encourage individuals within the community to take proactive measures towards prevention and early detection. Cancer awareness and survival is close to the heart of Stephanie Kegler, whose mother, Georgia Brooks Askew, has been cancer-free for 25 years. Stephanie has witnessed the effects of cancer through her loved ones, including aunties, siblings, cousins, friends, and co-workers.

She firmly believes that health and fitness can bring communities together while having a positive impact on everyone involved. By promoting physical activity, fostering a supportive environment, and supporting charitable causes, Stephanie knows that when a community comes together, it can have a significant impact on the individuals affected by cancer.

This event has the mutual benefit of giving survivors and their families a fun-filled time while raising funds for local charities. All proceeds are donated to a charity chosen by the event founder, Dr. Lisa Wright, is herself a cancer survivor and founder of FIGHT 4 CURE. The charity will use the funds raised to support individuals undergoing chemotherapy and other related treatments.

The theme this year revolves around nostalgia. Participants get to go back to where it all began with performances by a group called the Da'Ville Girlz. Various other groups from the local area, Georgia, and Kinston NC will also showcase their routines. DJ NATE will be in charge of spinning tunes, and energizing the atmosphere. Local small businesses will set up booths, and bartenders will serve healthy drinks and shots, ensuring that the event aligns with the concept of

"Dancing Without Sin" where there will be no alcohol or smoking.Participants are sure to be immersed in an atmosphere of love and support.

Stephanie Brown Kegler, the Founder and CEO of Dancing without Sin Fitness LLC, has dedicated her career to making a positive impact on people's lives through health and fitness. As a registered Zumba and group fitness instructor since 2009, she has helped individuals achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. Stephanie is also known as the "Movement Minister" and holds the title as a registered trademark.

In addition to her work in the fitness industry, Stephanie serves as a Property Manager on Fort Bragg, providing housing for military service men and women. Her passion for changing lives led her to pursue health and fitness as a means to make a significant impact. In 2015, she received a divine revelation and heard the words, "Help my people," which inspired the creation of Dancing without Sin.

The primary goal of DANCING WITHOUT SIN is to promote movement and allow the Lord to work through Stephanie, evoking expressions of praise such as shouting "Jesus" and "Hallelujah."

Stephanie's efforts in changing mindsets and promoting a healthy lifestyle have recently expanded with the opening of the Dancing Without Sin Movement Center. This brick-and-mortar facility offers a range of amenities, including a full kitchen, workout areas, a massage room, and a prayer room. Stephanie's vision for the center is to extend health and wellness benefits to individuals, encompassing their mind, body, and soul.


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